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Hey all the tech friends!

When I started this blog, I didn't thought about earning money or to gain popularity on internet. I just wanted to wanted to find a place where people can read my ideas and can share it. I know that you must be thinking that in the era of Facebook or social media why I selected Blogger as a place to share my ideas. On Facebook, it feels too awkward to post such long content which contains almost 1200-1300 words. Everyone will think that I am mad! I never started blog as a passion but slowly and steadily it is changing into my passion. I always thinks about the content which I will post here. This blog made me more curious than I was before.

The posts which I had written here are nothing but just an idea which comes in my mind or you can say I write what I observe. Even though it is not a review blog, but sometimes I post about a product which impress me the most. Till now, I've only reviewed two smartphones, iPhone X and ONE PLUS 5T. These two smartphones impressed me in 2017, however, Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 impressed me the most in 2017. Galaxy Note 8 with its excellent camera, display and productivity, speed and Pixel 2 with its smoothness and its billion dollar feature, i.e. its camera. The reason why I didn't posted that here is because at that time I had not started my blog.


See, I always wanted to be a freelancer who can work from anywhere and can travel and I am also an Indian so becoming a cricketer was also an obvious dream for me. But as I told you that I am an Indian and we all are familiar about Indian parents who worries a lot about us. Because of reservation system in India, my parents was also worried about my career in future. So, I decided to quit cricket. 
Also, I am a science addict or say smartphone addict. I love to know deeply about each and every features about any tech product. As a child, I used to spend half of my day playing video games on mobile phones or computer and always used to change the settings of the whole phone to notice the changes. I loved doing that
. is not a very famous blog right now, but I am sure that it will be one of the most loved tech blog in the coming future. I have faith on myself which is very important to become success.

Success needs time, patience and hard work and Time, patience and hard work needs passion. These all are inter connected with each other. We can directly say that Success needs Passion. Without Passion, we can't succeed and without success we can't enjoy our life.

Hope you will like my blog posts and will help it to grow.
I won't reveal my name or any ID because I want to be known as a successful person not as a struggling person. World respect successful person and behave rudely with the person who struggle and I faced it.

Thanks! :)
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