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Friday, 26 October 2018

How To Promote Your Apps On Facebook For Free?| FrinedOTech

So, you made an Android/iOS application but as you are a student or a person who can't afford money for advertising.

Of course, I'm right because that's the only reason why you landed on this page.

Well, everyone is looking for a cheap yet powerful advertising network which should be profitable. Today I'm going to share you some amazing tips to boost your apps download on both Android as well as iOS platform.

Credits: socialsprout

Nowadays, our data is open to everyone and with the increase of social media popularity, it is not going to stop anytime sooner. One of the best example of it is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google.

What we search on Google, we get an advertisement on Facebook related to it. Even, if we talk about some product on the WhatsApp, we start getting ads for the same. It clearly means that everyone is tracking us.

Many people complain about data tracking but what I do is using their algorithm for my benefits.

P.S.- I don't have any apps but my colleagues have, so I've tried these on their apps!

Here's how to do it!

i) Search for your app title/niche on Google Search


It is the most important step in order to boost your app downloads. Google is tracking you and your activity on their search engine. So it is obvious that you're going to get advertisement related your app title.

For example, consider that you've an application which is related to PUBG, so you can search many stuffs which is related to PUBG on the Google search engine and after some time you'll see the ads on the Facebook on PUBG (if there are any), and then you can share your app links on the advertisement's comment box.

You will also get to see many posts related to PUBG on your news feed.

ii) Search for your app title/niche on Instagram

We all know Instagram's parent company is Facebook. So whatever you'll search on Instagram will obviously be saved to Facebook server and you'll many stuffs related to it on Facebook.

Till now, we can't share any link on Instagram post. That's why it'll be better for us to search on Instagram and share our app links on the Facebook post.

iii) Have a chat related to your niche on WhatsApp


Like Instagram, WhatsApp's parent company is Facebook only. Having a long discussion on the niche or topic related to your application will definitely help Facebook to target the ads which will be most beneficial for you.

Believe me, what WhatsApp can do, no other social media apps can do for you because WhatsApp is one of the main source of users data which Facebook use to target ads.

If it would have been false, then imagine the main reason behind providing the billion dollar WhatsApp for free to all the users and that too without a single ad.

It is the most effective  point which should be in your list.

iv) Search for #your_topic on Instagram, Facebook


Before searching for #your_topic on the Instagram, you must put your application link in your Instagram bio. Now that you've done that let us go to another step.

After searching #your_topic on the Instagram, comment on as many posts as possible on the posts related to it. Here how to write a comment:

"compliment about the post. (then add) Hey, you've got a very good feeds, why don't you check one interesting apps for the same. Link to the app in the bio"

Repeat the same procedure for Facebook but share the app link in the comment section.

To get rewards, you've to spam a bit ;)

Do let me know if it worked for you or not in the comment section below!

That's it from my side.

Share these great steps with your friends.

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