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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How To Download Photos Or Videos From Private Instagram Account? - FriendOTech

Instagram is one of the most famous social networking site (application), after Facebook, if security is not concerned. If we consider security as our first priority, then Instagram should come first, followed by Twitter and then Facebook.


Instagram offers us many security options and one of them is "Private Account", in which you can't look in to anyone's private account without following them. In fact, you can't even copy the link of their posts in order to download it from the Insta saver apps (available on the Google Play).

Many people are still looking for the way to save their favorite posts from the private Instagram account and today their search might come to an end. Here's how do download any posts from the "Private Instagram Account".

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i) Login to your Instagram profile in your PC. (not in Instagram app).

ii) Search for any private account and make sure that you are following them.

iii) Now select a post which you want to download. After selecting, copy the URL from the browser and copy it in another tab.


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iv) Now, add "view-source:" before the URL which you copied. Example: view-source:


v) You'll be directed to the source code page. Using Ctrl + F, search for "og:image". After the search is completed, copy the image link (which is highlighted with Gray background).


vi) Open the copied link and open it in new tab. Now, save it in your PC with the help of right click.

You're done!!!

Note that, in case you want to download a video from the Private Instagram Account, you need to search for "og:video", instead of "og:image".

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Is there any different trick you know to download the post from the private Instagram account? If yes, do share it in comment below so that other won't face any problem, in case this process fails.

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