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Monday, 1 October 2018

Datally vs Samsung Max: Which is better? Google's Datally App or Samsung Max? - FriendOTech

We all are the recipes of modern day world where only Internet rules. Surfing Internet had never been so easy as it is now and the amount of data all humans are using while using Internet is whopping 8 exabytes (as of 2017 January). For more info, refer How Much Data Is Created Daily?

This shows the domination of the Internet in modern day world. Well, these are the data which is used by the total Internet users in the world but some of them are smart enough to use good and smart applications to save their data.

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There are many apps available on the Google Play which allows you to save your Internet data and two major applications among them are: Datally and Samsung Max.

Today we'll be comparing these two applications to know which is best and why?


i) Bubble Tracker

Bubble Tracker is one of the most useful feature which in Datally app. Enabling the Bubble Tracker will enable the bubble which will show you the Internet data used while using a particular app.

For example, if you're using Facebook app then the Bubble Tracker will show you the data used by Facebook in real time. I am using this component for a while and found it very useful.

If this bubble is irritating you then you can hide this bubble by dragging it in an arc (as shown in the image below) and to enable it again, tap on the Bubble Tracker again.


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ii) Emergency Bank

My favorite feature!

Yes, this is my favorite feature in this app. My data pack allows me to use 1.5 GB per day (Jio) and I use all the data by 7:00 PM (in the evening) without even thinking that how I'll spend my evening and night (till 01:00 AM, as Jio renews data at 1:00 AM), how I'll play PUBG but then I downloaded this app and everything is in my control right now.

Now, I can save my data for and can use it anytime. To save your data, tap on "Emergency Bank", then tap on "Add Balance Details" and set everything as per your requirement and you're done.


Please note thing that whenever you'll save your data, you'll be asked to use VPN service. If you don't trust any VPN service or if you share your personal (private) data over the web, then you should not use this feature. After all, your personal data is more important than your Internet data.

Asking For VPN connection

iii) Bedtime Mode

We all are addicted to our smartphone and use it every time irrespective of the time period. Be it 6:00 AM in the morning or 01:00 AM at night, we never leave our smartphones (even for a minute) and sleep while using our smartphone with cellular data turned ON.

In these situation, Bedtime Mode comes into action. With Bedtime Mode, we can set our time interval when we'll be going to sleep and the applications in our smartphone won't use our mobile data in the background.


Isn't it handy?

Recommended time interval is: 10:30 PM to 7:00 AM, or you can set it according to your situation.

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iv) Guest Mode

This feature is my second favorite. With this feature, we can restrict our friend by using extra data. By turning Guest Mode On, we can set the amount of data we want any other user to use and if you're worried that your friend can change the amount of data you set in this mode, then don't worry, you can "Include a password' too.

By including a password, no one can change the amount of data set by you until unless they know the password.


To enable Guest Mode, tap on the Guest Mode in the home screen and set the amount of data that guests can use and don't forget to include a password too.

Only these features seem unique to me as other features already come inbuilt with every smartphone. Now coming to "Samsung Max".


i) Wi-Fi Access

Many Android applications start to update by itself when your smartphone gets connected with Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi access feature, we can opt out those apps which consumes less amount of data (as those apps can be updated on Mobile network) and consequently, all the apps which will be consuming more data can be updated without any delay.

To manage apps, tap on the bottom right icon and then tap on the Wi-Fi symbol at right corner of the screen. See the images below for more.


ii) Savings

With Savings, we can manage those apps which can save data. Toggling the switch to ON will save your mobile data or Wi-Fi data by compressing them. There's nothing much in this feature for all of us but it is too much helpful for those who have limited data access, like 15 GB per month.

To save data, tap on the bottom right icon and then tap on the leftmost icon at the top of the screen. See the images to get it clear.


iii) Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection isn't something which will protect your data but yes, it'll protect your sensitive data from attackers. By turning the Privacy Protection, you'll device will connect with Samsung cloud and will be connected to the VPN (provided by Samsung) which is secure.

Remember one thing that Samsung smartphones are protected by Knox security which isn't only a software protection but also rely on the hardware. So, it is obvious that your smartphone is not gonna be attacked by any malicious virus or software.

Privacy Protection will provide you all the reports in real time. As you can see with my Paytm app that 4 domain names had been leaked at 09:44 PM, which can be fixed by scanning it.

This is my favorite feature in this app.

iv) Free Premium Mode

How many times had you seen that an application is providing you the Premium service and that too for free? Very rare.


Well, it's same with this app too.

By enabling the Premium Mode, you'll get:

* Unlimited Privacy Protection

* Manage app and control them

For Premium Mode, you don't have to pay  single penny and you will get less ads. In Premium Mode, ads will only appear while device is charging.

What else do you want?


Which is better?

If we summarize the whole thing, we can easily observe that Google focused more on saving consumer's Internet data. With the useful options like:

  • Manage Data
  • Emergency Bank
  • Bedtime Mode
  • Daily Limit
  • Bubble Tracker
  • Guest Mode
Google really made saving Internet data a lot easier. On the other hand, Samsung focused equally on Data Saving as well as Internet Privacy.

Samsung Max do not have features like Emergency Bank, Bedtime Mode, Bubble tracker & Guest Mode but it do have a lot of another basic features and most important is the Timeline in which it shows data used by each application at a particular time. Just have a look at the timeline:


If you would ask me to select one among these two, I would go with Google Datally.

Even though I liked Samsung Max more than Google Datally, the main reason why I had chosen Google Datally over Samsung Max is because of its compatibility & advertisements. Samsung Max is for Samsung users while Google Datally is for every Android users.

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Everything is in your hand now. Choose what you like.

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