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Friday, 7 September 2018

How Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Similar To Samsung Galaxy Note 8? - FriendOTech

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already landed and we all have witnessed its wonderful battery performance and speed test performance. Galaxy Note 9 is a successor of Note 8 and so it is obvious that it'll start all thing where Galaxy Note 8 had left the league.

Successors are meant to be shadow of its predecessor and it is same with Galaxy Note 9. It has many features which is same as that of Galaxy Note 8. Here are those features which are completely same as it was in Galaxy Note 8.

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When Galaxy Note series was firstly introduced to the world, everyone's thinking were the same, i.e. Who will use the smartphone with such big screen? But as the day passed, everyone became familiar with the larger display.

Actually it was Samsung who started the trend of big display and then it became a regular routine for every other smartphone manufacturers. In the Galaxy Note 8, we get a whooping 6.3 inch Super AMOLED with 1440 x 2960 screen resolution and with the Galaxy Note 9, we get 6.4 inch Super AMOLED with 1440 x 2960 screen resolution.

This is a main focus of the Galaxy Note series. They have been providing big displays since last 8 Galaxy Note series and I'm damn sure that they are not going to stop it anytime soon.

Both the Galaxy Note have big display.

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With the involvement of big display, there comes a big advantage of having big display, which is using S - Pen. Both the Note series comes with S - Pen which is too handy.

S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 9 comes with Bluetooth which enables its users to control their Galaxy Note 9 without even touching the Note 9. You can scroll the screen, capture the photos, activate Bixby, increase/decrease volume and many more.

Even though the new stylus is way too advanced than the previous one but stylus is a main feature of the Galaxy Note series and hence it's another same feature shared by Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9.


Dual camera is a trend nowadays and is followed by every flagship smartphone where Google Pixel is an exception.

Both the Galaxy Note series comes with dual camera setup at the back but there's something different with Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note 9's dual camera comes with variable aperture, which was introduced to us with Galaxy S9 & S9+.

Camera specs:

Galaxy Note 9 - 12 MP (Primary Camera with variable aperture), 12 MP (Secondary camera with 2x Optical zoom)
Galaxy Note 8 - 12 MP (Primary Camera), 12 (Secondary camera with 2x Optical zoom)

So this is another same thing in these two Note series.



Samsung's history says that they had never launched their flagship smartphone with Stock Android. They always come up with their own UI, Samsung Experience UI (earlier it was TouchWiz UI).

In Galaxy Note 8, they provided us Samsung Experience UI along with Android 7.0 and they had not changed their UI this time too. In Galaxy Note 9 also, we'll be using Android 8.0 with Samsung Experience UI.


With Galaxy S8 & S8+, Samsung introduced 3-D touch (pressure sensitive home button) and continued it in Galaxy Note 8 too.

In the Galaxy Note 9, they kept the 3-D touch limited to Home button only and not to the whole screen. Almost every other of Galaxy Note 9 is similar to Galaxy Note 8.


Samsung flagships always comes with fast charging and wireless charging while other smartphones like One Plus comes with Dash Charging which is little bit faster than the Fast Charging available in Samsung flagships.

With Galaxy Note 8, we were getting 10 Watt charger while we were expecting them to provide more powerful charger but again we got the same 10 Watt fast charger with Galaxy Note 9.

Well, it is good in another way. Fast charging weakens the battery strength soon.

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What's your thought on the similarity between Galaxy Note 8 & Galaxy Note 9? Let me know in the comment below.

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