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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Best Apps For iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max - FriendOTech

Apple had launched their new iPhone yesterday and it is obviously going to be an awesome smartphone.

With the launch of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, we are very confident that it will be insane in terms of speed as iOS 12 (Beta) was performing better than iOS 11 on older iPhones. If a particular smartphone's performance is that good, then how can we prevent ourselves from using best apps available on the App Store?

To help you in finding the best apps on the App Store, we made a list of top 10 apps available on the App Store.

Here are the list of top 10 apps for iPhone XS available on the App store!




VSCO is the best camera photo editing app available on the iOS. As mentioned by some of the loyal iPhone users, VSCO takes better pictures than the iPhone default camera app. VSCO has many amazing filters to make your pictures much better than before.

As the new iPhone XS comes with much improved camera and display, you're going to get amazing results after editing your photos through VSCO. Even though the new iPhones are coming with NOTCH, you're not going face any difficulties as VSCO now fully supports iPhone XS screen size.

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1 PASSWORD has always been the most preferred password management application among the iOS users because of the control it provides you. Last year, when iPhone X came with a Face ID, 1 PASSWORD also introduced Face ID as a security option and gave every iOS user a magical experience.

1 PASSWORD is not like those Android password management app and it really keeps your data secure and encrypted.



PCALC Lite is one of the best calculator app, if we consider every calculator app present on Android and iOS.

After the launch of iPhone X, Pcalc Lite app was updated for all the display having NOTCH and hence, it'll run without any hustle in the latest iPhone XS & iPhone XR. The app fades to black at the top to make the notch disappears which is definitely a plus point for the app.

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This app is a third party app for editing portrait mode photos. Everyone loves taking portrait photos in their smartphone and this app is worth using for all the portrait shot lovers.

Portrait mode photography will work fine while shooting a photo of a person as the software are made to do so but on the other hand, if the object is not a person then it might find it difficult to focus it. 



Carrot weather is considered as the best weather app on the Appstore. Carrot weather let you view the important weather information on one page. It gives you the weather report of exact location and you can also customize the entire dashboard to include the weather details you care about.

This is a must have weather app, if you're an iOS user.



Workflow is the best automation app available on iPhone and is similar to Automate Task app on Android. After the launch of iPhone X, this app was also updated to support iPhone X display and so it is obvious that it'll support iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max without any problem.

iPhone XS is going to be the fastest smartphone on the planet as it is having a 7 nm processor and it'll be a joy to automate the task on this phone while doing our personal stuffs.



Even though the craze of cryptocurrency is completely vanished now, Coinbase is one of those app which includes awesome charts and design elements to let you update about all the current cryptocurrency rate. After the launch of iPhone X, Coinbase has been updated to for iPhone X display and all the elements can now stretch across the screen and it will look gorgeous on your iPhone XS OLED panel.

This is the best app to buy Bitcoin from your iPhone in just a moment and you must have it in your iPhone XS if you're interested in Bitcoins.

viii) REEDER 3


Reeder 3 is a Feedly for iOS users. Reeder 3 is a best app on iOS for reading RSS feeds. It has been updated for iPhone X display last year and now it is all set to give its user an awesome experience on iPhone XS.

You can also customize the app theme by turning the background into pitch black and text into white. The pitch black color looks too good on the OLED screen.



Instapaper is a best newspaper reading app which gives you an offline reading experience on the beautiful full screen. Scrolling the news on the beautiful OLED screen will be an awesome experience for all the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max users.

Unlike other apps, this app does not have deep black theme to let you feel the true beauty of OLED screen but still you'll find it good for newspaper reading.



Halide is a pro camera application for iOS users that allows its user to capture photos in RAW with manual focus and manual ISO to Auto shoot. It is basically a default camera with little yet major advancement.

It is one of those few camera apps which going to take your iPhone XS camera to the edge. As said by many iOS users, they capture the photo in RAW and then edit it through this app to make the photo look better and unique than the rest. This app is a paid app and is available at $4.99 on iOS.




YouTube is the best app for watching online videos but after the launch of iPhone X last year, many users faced some difficulties while watching videos on the YouTube as the app was not supported for the iPhone X display. Later on, Google updated the YouTube app and then the problem solved for all the iPhone X users.

By default, YouTube will play videos in landscape view (without stretching the video towards notch) but you can expand the video to take up the whole screen. This will cut out the part that is behind the notch.

All the features updated by Google for YouTube last year will become very handy while using YouTube in iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.



Snapseed is one of the best photo editing app available for the smartphone (Android or iOS). As this app is owned by Google, so you won't find any difficulties while using it on your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max as it is updated for the notch display.

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If I'm not wrong, then this app is definitely a best photo editing app or you may consider it as a second best photo editing after VSCO. Just get this app and start editing your photos the way you want to.

YouTube is everyone's favorite. So why don't you try this new app available for Android which let you enjoy all your favorite channels on the go!

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Let me know about the experience you had while using these apps on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

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