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Friday, 3 August 2018

Linux vs Windows | Why You Should Admit That Linux Is Better Than Windows? -FriendOTech

Laptops and desktops are main components of our daily life as we use it daily. Most of the laptops and desktops which are available in everyone's home use Windows as their operating system.

Currently, Windows is the most used operating system for PCs followed by MacOS & Linux. Well, Linux is mainly used by developers and so they are not used by most of the people.

Linux is meant for developers. Windows is mainly used for day-to-day use like surfing Internet , movies,music, gaming etc. Its true that most of computers comes pre-loaded with Windows because Windows has easy-to-use approach and can be used by anyone. Windows is used by everyone because of its nice UI.
For most of the people, Windows is user-friendly (which is the main reason why it is used widely) while Linux is not that much user friendly for them (It also depends on users).

Here, we are going to compare the advantage of using the most used operating system (Windows) with the least used operating system (Linux).

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Large and massive update: 
Windows push you large and massive updates that takes much time to get installed and sometimes it also makes your computer get stuck. Sometimes these large updates use more memory and resources of your PC. You don’t have to bother about it in LINUX.

Virus prone:
Windows easily get affected by VIRUS. These viruses can corrupt your system and make you lose you important data. Though, there are some virus made for Linux also but Windows gets affected by virus easily.

Need specific hardware to run: 
Linux is made to run anywhere and on any machine. Windows requires a decent amount of hardware resource to run efficiently otherwise it will run very slow.

Price you have to pay:
Windows is not a free. Linux is free. This creates a huge difference in terms of development force needed to make any software.

Linux has configurable security. You can configure Linux security according to your own needs. You can’t do this in windows.

Softwares and its dependencies
When installing softwares in windows, it installs everything a software package contains. In case, We don’t need any software package to get install,we can’t do this in windows. But Linux gives us freedom to choose from softwares and its dependencies.

This is a biggest factor that makes Linux stand apart. Linux has huge support in forms of community and forums. You also get different flavors to use with different configurations. In fact, you can build a Linux distribution yourself. In Windows, this is not possible.

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Windows is good too but for heavy stuffs, we need more RAM in our PCs and one more point you should note is that Linux is nowhere near to Windows. So, if you're a gamer, then you should go for Windows as Windows stand apart from MacOS too (in gaming).

Overall, Windows is "BEAST" in gaming but Linux is beast for more technical stuffs!

Which operating system is best for you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Why Linux Is Better Than Windows? from r/linux
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