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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why You Must Not Sell Your Smartphone? | Is It Safe To Sell My Smartphone? - FriendOTech

Smartphone  is like Oxygen for every modern generation person. With the increasing distance with smartphone, we start to feel as if we are going very very far away from someone who was precious to our life.

Now, smartphones are electronic products and so we have to change it after some time interval, irrespective of our financial condition. Before changing our smartphone, the first thought which hit our mind is to sell the old one and get some money to buy the new one and then your life may take "U" turn. I'll tell you how!


Your mobile phone might be old, it may be broken or screen might have crushed into pieces. The most common mistake we do is sell it to someone else or online or through exchange offers.

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You might be thinking that you have erased all the pics & video, so you are safe.

Well, you're not!
Erasing all your data from the smartphone will not delete your data from your smartphone hardware (Storage). Smartphone will show you that your data has been deleted properly but it'll store those data somewhere inside its storage.

You may have heard that Google, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp do delete your accounts but they keep all your data somewhere in their server, which is nothing but a storage device. In the same way, your smartphone also deletes all the data but store them in their storage.


Before proceeding further, I'm requesting you: "Please don't take it otherwise!"


Many of you might have taken intimate pics with your partner, or a casual semi nude pic of yourself or clicked a nude to send it to someone & delete it after sending. But did you know there are too many apps to retreive all the deleted pics/videos?
Many apps like DiskDigger, EaseUs, Gihosoft etc can retreive deleted historical data from your phone easily. These are not limited to images & video but also call logs, WhatsApp sms, logs etc.

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While reading more about these kinda issues, I came across a lot of people who fell victim to this. You might be wondering you deleted all the pics but who uploaded it online, how did they get my pic etc.

While asking about these cases by mobile service center guys, they said that they come across hundreds of mobiles everyday to repair & they use these apps for retrieving data and they also see all the images & videos but they don't bother much about these images or videos (whether these images are semi-nudes or nudes) because they have to finish many work.

They said that it’s quite common. While it maybe common to them, it’s your privacy that's breached.

Once you sell your phone to someone, or exchange it online etc, keep in mind that along with your phone, you sold your pics & videos too.


The best thing to do if your old phone is not of any use to you is, either crush it into pieces, or burn it to ashes.
Just remember one thing, Your data is more precious than GOLD. Either save it or destroy it.

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