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Friday, 31 August 2018

How To Set A Watch Time Limit On Watching YouTube Videos? - FriendOTech

On 14th February 2005, when YouTube was launched nobody would have thought that it'll revolutionize the online video community. As of now, YouTube has over 1.8 billion users everyday which is 300 million users more than that of daily active users on Facebook.
Believe it or not, but the addiction which YouTube has is nowhere near to any other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or any other sites. For some people addiction towards YouTube is their joy while for other it is a headache. Many people are there who want to control themselves from watching YouTube but they can't resist themselves because of two features which YouTube has:
  • Recommended Videos
  • Autoplay
These two features are good but at the same it is bad too. These features helps Google to earn more and more while many people don't close the YouTube app on their smartphone because YouTube play the recommended videos automatically based on the user search experience and users like it too.

To get rid of these addiction, YouTube introduced their new features to their app which is  "Time Watched". Using this feature, you can control yourself from getting addicted towards YouTube.



Time Watched on YouTube is a feature introduced by YouTube which allows you to control yourself from getting addicted to YouTube (as mentioned above).

You can have a look at the stats. These stats shows the following:
  • Time you spent watching video on YouTube Today.
  • Time you spent watching video on YouTube Yesterday.
  • Time you spent watching video on YouTube Past Week.
  • Average time you spend watching video on YouTube.
These all stats are presented by YouTube and only meant for YouTube video app (not for YouTube music).

For this, you need to open YouTube on your smartphone. After you open the YouTube app, do as mentioned below:

I) In your YouTube app, open Library and tap on your profile picture.


II) Tap on "Time watched" and you will be there for all the management you want to do with your YouTube app.

tap on Time watched on YouTube

I) Remind me to take a break: With this feature, YouTube will remind you to take a break and focus on your important instead. Just set the hour/minutes after which you want to take break from YouTube and YouTube will remind you to do that. Here's how to do that:

i) Tap on "Remind me to take a break".

ii) Set Reminder Frequency and you're done.


II) Autoplay next video: You can turn it off to stop YouTube from playing recommended video automatically. To turn Autoplay off, you can tap on the button beside Autoplay or you can directly turn it off while watching video on YouTube. Here's how to do that:

i) Search for "Autoplay Next Video".

ii) Tap on the Toggle Button to turn off the Autoplay.


III) Scheduled Digest: This feature won't allow YouTube to send you the notifications all the time. It means that you won't be getting YouTube notifications from the channels (you subscribed) when they will upload video. YouTube will collect all the notifications and will send you all the notifications at the delivery time (which will be set by you). Here's how to do that:

i) Search for "Scheduled digest".

ii) Turn on the toggle button and set the delivery time to get all your notifications as a daily digest.


IV) Disable sounds and notifications: With this option, you can turn off the notifications sounds during a specific hour. Just set the "Start Time" and "End Time" and you are done. You will receive silent notifications during these hours and you won't be distracted. Here's how to do that:

i) Search for "Disable sounds & vibrations".

ii) Turn on the toggle button and set the start and end time to silent the notifications during the hours you want.


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Let me know in the comment section below if this new feature by YouTube really helped you or not!

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