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Sunday, 12 August 2018

How To Call Anyone From Any Number From Your Smartphone? - FriendOTech

Have you ever had a thought  that you can call anyone's mobile phone from the any number you want?

If no, then wait for a minute and you'll know it. There are many apps aavailable on the Google Play Store which let you to call to any mobile number you want but not from the mobile number you like.

Well, here's a procedure to do that.

I) Open Google Play Store.

How to call anyone form any number from your smartphone
Image source - Wccftech

II) Search for "Call India - IntCall" and Download it from the Google Play.

III) Tap continue and enter your number for registration.

IV) Now dial any number you want to call.

How to call anyone from any number from your smartphone
Image source- Google Play Store

V) You're done. :)

Keep in mind that this app is compatible with the oldest possible Android version as it supports Android 3.0. As of now, the most oldest Android version which are being used is Android Kitkat, so you can use this app irrespective of your smartphone's Android version.

This app is also available for iOS users in the App Store.


Call India - Intcall is just an application to let you call anyone without paying any ISD charges and without getting your number traced. Any misuse of this application may push you in some troubles.

Please don't use this app to blackmail anyone. It is okay to prank your friends with this app but blackmailing is not a good way to deal with this app. It's my humble request.

Happy Calling ;)...

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