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Monday, 2 July 2018

SNAPSEED vs PICSART| Why We Should Prefer Snapseed Over PicsArt? - FRIENDOTECH

Capturing a photo, editing it with some good apps and then post/share it on the social media is a trend nowadays. With the expansion of social media to this massive extent, uploading a photo is like a daily routine.
Wake up, Eat, Click a photo, Upload, Sleep!
This routine should be considered as the International routine. Leave it.
To edit our photos, we need powerful yet simple editing tools which can edit our images without any hustle. There are plenty of editing apps available on the Google Play Store or App Store but only few of them stand up on our expectations.
Google Snapseed & Pics Art are two of the best photo editing apps available on Android and iOS.


It is always a challenging to choose between the two of them. So here is the reason why we should prefer Google Snapseed over Pics Art.
Whenever we think of any photo editing apps, first thing comes to our mind is “Filters”. We all know that Google is not regular with its update on their small apps like Snapseed, Blogger but when they provide updates, they make sure that it should be worth it.


Last year, when Google updated Snapseed app, they added a many filters in it. Moreover, they arranged Snapseed’s filters according to our need (filters which we use often were placed first) which makes it a very user friendly photo editing apps.


On the other hand, PicsArt also provides many good filters but it seems that PicsArt made it quite complex to use it. I mean, if we compare PicsArt representation as compared to Google Snapseed, we’ll come to know that PicsArt is way behind in terms of simplicity.

However, in terms of Filters count, PicsArt will easily win as it gives you filters form standard Black & White to Prisma like filers.
So, it’s all upon you whether you want a simple UI with some good filters or you want countless filters with a bit more complex UI.
If you ask me, I’ll prefer PicsArt here over Snapseed because of the number of filters it provides us.
While editing a photo, it is must to have some cool effects available in our apps to make our photo more pleasant to eye.


Both the apps let you apply as many filters as you want to your images. In Google Snapseed, we can add these effects in a most simple way possible. Snapseed allows us to superimpose two filters without any changes, which means that we can apply two filters in our photo simultaneously.
In PicsArt, we have to tap on the “Multiple Filters Icon” to use another effects in our photo. It might not be a big task to tap on “Multiple Filters Icon” but reduces the simplicity of the app, if we compare it to Snapseed.


Here, Google Snapseed was about to win but PicsArt interrupt its way at the last moment!
iii) TOOLS
Tools are very important in editing photos as it let us to customize the default filters provided by the apps.


In Snapseed, there are number of tools which provides a pro-level editing experience. Tools like Grainy Film, Retrolux, Grunge, Noir, Vignette, Healing, Glamour Glow are some of them which we can’t get on PicsArt. Would you believe if I say that these tools are free and you won’t have to pay a single penny to use any of them?


PicsArt’s tools are very limited which you can find in your default editor which is provided by the OEMs nowadays. Tools like Shape correction, perspective, crop are too basic for us nowadays and are easily available to us in our smartphones.
Sometimes we want edit only a small part of our picture. To adjust contrast, exposure or brightness in that small portion of the images, we need such tools which can select that particular portion and then edit it according to our need. All hail to Google Snapseed which let us do these things in the easiest way possible.


To do it, we just have to select “Selective” from Tools and then we can start editing it further. Selective tool let us to select a small portion of an image and later it make all the adjustments automatically (May be with the help of AI :D).
After you’ve selected “Selective”, select “Brush” to edit the portion. With Brush tool, you can edit that small portion of the image manually.
It is not available on PicsArt. Thanks Google!
It is one of those features which is yet to come PicsArt. Google introduced it 2 years before and PicsArt is yet to launch it till now.
If you don’t know what RAW editing means then let me clear you that:
The ability to edit RAW means that Snapseed users will be able to have much more flexibility in their editing than when working with JPEG images. Using the original data captured by the camera, Snapseed will be able to recover blown highlights and dark shadows in ways that are possible in other apps. Source:
Earlier when we had to edit RAW images, we had to transfer it to our laptop first but now it can be done in our smartphone only. What else do you want?

This tool from Snapseed is one of the best tools out there. It allows us to edit our portrait shots and make it look more convenient.


When you click on "Portrait", you'll get options for Face Spotlight, Skin Soothing, Eye Clarity which definitely enhance your clicked photos.

We all know how powerful is Google's AI and so it can easily recognize the subject on its own and then edit your photos accordingly, which can be manually adjusted later on.


nlf f The only thing in which PicsArt is ahead of Snapseed is its stickers. It has countless stickers which can provide your photo a cool look but at the same time, it also make photos look more cartoonish.


Some of them are available for free while some are paid.

We can easily see that PicsArt is way behind as compared to Google Snapseed, in terms of professional editing tools. The only category PicsArt gave Snapseed a tough competition (actually won) is “Filters”. Other than that, Snapseed took the lead and maintained it till the game ended.
The only advantage which PicsArt has over Snapseed (other than filters) is its capability to make good collages.

Also, Snapseed don't have any ads and it is free too which took Snapseed to a better position here. In PicsArt, we have to pay them to avail Ad-free service and many other Premium content (as said by PicsArt).
In my opinion, if you’re not pro-photographer or editor, you can chose either of them as both of them provides great tools to edit our photo at amateur level but if you’re want a pro-level editing tools, then you must go with Google Snapseed.


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