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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Radio Garden Review - Garden For Radio Lovers! FRIENDOTECH

It's been a decade to listen a radio but listening a radio is still a feel of joy. We really miss those old days that we'd spent enjoying the radios. Yes, we found it difficult to connect our radio to our favorite programs as setting the frequencies in the radio were very difficult task.
Image source: Radio Garden

Today, in the era of smartphones, Radio has lost its identity. Smartphones completely overshadowed the radio by providing us the feature to download and listen music in the fancy music player. Still, in the rural area, many people prefer to use Radio because of lack of electricity supply.

Well, many smartphones come with inbuilt radio application and you just have to insert the headphone jack and then you can enjoy radio but wait... There's an incredible app present on the Google Play through which you can listen to any radio station in the world from any corner of the world.


You might be thinking about the working this app. Here's how it works and the content it has!

Radio Garden app is generally a radio app which let you to listen to thousands of live radio stations worldwide. When you will open the app after download it from the Google Play, you'll see the GLOBE and many green dots on the globe. Radio Garden app covers around 8,000 radio stations around the world. 
Image Source: Radio Garden
If you're wondering about how to use it, then let me tell you that green dots on the globe represents the location (frequency) of all the radio stations in the world and you just have to rotate globe and tap on that particular dot which represents your favorite radio station location. It's so simple. UI is very clean and simple.

Radio Garden does not consume more RAM and battery which make low-budget smartphone friendly app.

They (Radio Garden's team) update the radio stations every day by adding the new ones to the list and removing those radio stations that no longer available for us. You can save your favorite stations for later listening by pressing the "HEART" icon and to see those saved stations, tap the "BOOK" icon.

The huge advantage of RADIO GARDEN is that it needs "NO EARPHONE" and you can listen to the radio even if your phone goes to sleep.

The most interesting fact about this app is that you'll come to know about interesting radio stations located in the middle of the oceans which we can't think of. See below pic:

Image Source: Radio Garden
While listening to different radio stations, I heard radio station of Bermuda which was located in the middle of Atlantic ocean. It was quite interesting! ;)

Radio Garden has a very long way to go. It was started just a year ago and downloaded by 1M people in just one year. With its excellent service, it'll definitely have a long run among its competitor.

You should give it a try and I'm sure that you'll definitely fall for this application. Overall, RADIO GARDEN is an excellent application with good UI and smartphone optimization.

I've been using this application since few months and had never seen any unusual battery usage or any high RAM usage for any single time.

This app is specially for those who love to listen and experience but are unable to do so because of they are unavailable in most of the smartphones nowadays.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. 

Download it from Google Play: DOWNLOAD

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