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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

How To Remove "Forwarded" From WhatsApp Forwarded Messages? - FRIENDOTECH

WhatsApp is the most famous and most used messenger in the world. With over 1 billion active users per day, it sees over 60 billion messages per day which is obviously a huge number.

Messages sent via WhatsApp messenger can be shared between contacts in the application in just two simple steps but with the new updates brought to us by WhatsApp has some advantage (or disadvantage, it totally depends on the people).

The new WhatsApp update let us know about those messages which are forwarded by the people to us, i.e. now, we can easily come to know whether the certain message is forwarded by the user or typed by him/her.
Forwarded sign above the Forwarded Message.

I know that this feature (introduced by WhatsApp) is something you may not like and many of us are still unaware of it.

With this article you'll come to know about the idea on how to hide those forwarded from the message.

i) Open WhatsApp.

ii) Select the conversation of your choice.

iii) Tap and hold the message that you want to forward to any of your contact.

iv) Tap on the "Copy" sign and copy the message (see above image).


v) Open the chat to whom you wanted to forward this message and "Tap and Hold" on the message field and "Paste" the copied message.

And you're done!

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