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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

SAMSUNG BROWSER vs GOOGLE CHROME| Reason Why You Should Prefer Samsung Browser over Google Chrome! | FriendoTech

We’ve been using search engines for many years and to surf the web with proper functionalities, we use web browsers. There are many web browsers available for different Operating systems. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge are available for us since web browsing came in action.

The above mentioned web browsers are available for PCs as well as for Smartphone but SAMSUNG Browser is one browser which is available for Smartphone users only.

Credit- Google

While Apple users have Safari Web Browser as their default web browser, Samsung users have Samsung Web Browser as their default browser. Although Samsung browser can be downloaded on any Android Smartphone but Samsung prefer to keep Samsung browser as the default browser in their Smartphone.

With the likes of Google Chrome, Opera Mini, UC Browser on Android Smartphone, when Samsung Browser was launched no one would thought that it will prove out to be the one of the best browsers for Android OS.

Many people use Google Chrome as their default browser because of the security issue which we all have with UC browser. Also, UC browser takes up huge amount of RAM and battery on any Smartphone, which force user to use Google Chrome as their default browser. The reason why I’m not considering Opera Mini because it is not as much powerful as Google Chrome or UC browser is.

I’m pretty sure that you also like Google Chrome like I do but to be honest, I started liking Samsung Browser more than Google Chrome and now I’m going to explain all the reason why I started to prefer Samsung Browser over Google Chrome!



Samsung is the biggest Smartphone seller in the world, followed by Apple and so the maximum numbers of Android users are also meant to be the Samsung user. With Samsung browser in your Samsung Smartphone, you can expect your browser to control those things which your Google Chrome browser can’t do for you.

You can use Samsung Pass in your Smartphone to login to any site just with your fingerprint, which means that your fingerprint is now your login password for any account. Sites like Amazon, Flipkart need to be logged in every time with passwords, you can use your fingerprint sensor to do so. Isn’t it easy? ;)

Moreover, if you’re a Samsung user, you’ll get 5 GB storage on Samsung cloud and you can directly save any photos or videos to your Samsung cloud storage directly from the browser.


I know that nowadays Privacy isn’t Privacy actually but we can keep our data private to some extent. You can disallow the sites to save and read the cookies when you surf the web just by following these steps:

Go to settings >> Tap on Privacy >> Switch the “Accept Cookies” button off.

This feature isn’t available on Google Chrome and also we’re aware of how Google uses our data to show ads to us. I’m not saying that by using Samsung browser Google won’t get your data but it’ll be much less than earlier.


Google let you scan QR code but not from the browser directly (but it is available for iOS devices). In Samsung browser, we can scan the QR code directly from the browser. Just follow these steps:

Tap the “Three dots” located at the top of the screen >> Tap on “Scan QR code”.

You’ll now see a QR scanner and you can scan the QR code there. It’s that simple!


Extensions are made for us to make our life better and simpler. For Google Chrome, extensions are only available for PC and not for Android OS. However, it is available on iOS. Don’t know why our own Google decided to provide these features on iOS first, instead of Android (which is their own product).

Extensions for Samsung Browser

Samsung Browser has a dedicated option to let you use many useful extension, such as:

Amazon Assistant >> It will get you instant product matches on Amazon while you shop across the web on any other e-Commerce site.

CloseBy >> It will give you information about your surroundings from nearby beacons.

Content Blockers >> It’ll help you to block certain types of ads and unwanted content on the websites you visit. Below are the following Content blockers for Samsung Browser (some are paid and some are free).

Ad Blockers For Samsung Browser

Live Cricket Score >> Being a Cricket fan, you must be wanted to know the Cricket score instantly and this extension will give you the instant score updates.

Tracking Blocker >> We all are aware of Facebook Data Breach and so we must need something to restrict the data tracking. This extension will block all the invisible trackers that monitor your online activity and slow down your browsing experience. Read about Mozilla Extension.

Video Assistant >> This extension will allow you to change the video mode, rotate the screen, or cast videos to your TV without pausing them.

These extensions can be very useful in our day to day Internet usage.


Have you ever accessed tabs from other devices on your Internet browser? I don't think that any other web browser allows us to do so. In Samsung Browser, we can access the tabs from other devices on our devices.

To do that, follow the below steps:

Tap on “Tabs” >> Tap on “Three dots” menu >> Select “Open Tabs From Other Devices”.

Tabs Are Syncing From Other Devices.

And you’re done but make sure that Sync option for Internet is turned ON in your settings, else it’ll not work.


Every browser has an Icognito Mode and that is why you might be thinking that what's you new here?

Icognito Mode in Samsung Browser is a bit different. Icognito Mode on Samsung browser is password protected, i.e. no other person can access your browsing tab as it'll ask for the fingerprint.

Even if you minimize the Browser, Icognito mode will remain on and you just have to touch your fingerprint sensor to continue your browsing experience. History is not getting saved, not even to the Google because you're not using Google Chrome.

Not just that, if your Samsung Galaxy has Samsung Pass activated, then no other person start Icognito Browsing in order to maintain your data safe and secure.

To activate Icognito Mode in Samsung Browser, follow these steps:

Tap on "Tabs" >> Tap on "Turn On Secret Mode".

These are the features which are available on Samsung Browser and Google Chrome might give these features later.

I am not saying that Google Chrome is not best. Even I'm a huge of Google Chrome but here Samsung Browser is somewhat better.

In short, Google Chrome is best but Samsung Browser is better!


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