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Saturday, 2 June 2018


We are humans and this reason is enough for us to get tired. We sleep, eat, wake up, work and finally get tired of all the work that we do all the day.

While we visit our home after doing a lot of work, we need something to relax and sleep without any stress and so here is something for all of you which will relax your body and mind after a stressful day. It is an application named, “INFINITY LOOP: ENERGY”.


(Credits- Google)

INFINITY LOOP is a game designed to relax your mind with a relaxing music and game play. A connection game merging art, relaxing music and creative design is something which will never leave any space to not to relax you in your stress time.

I mean, if your body battery is empty, you’ll need something to boost your brain and this game is worth playing at that time.

From the famous Infinity Loop Game, this next version of connection game will take you to another level through a countless number of infinite levels. This game introduced us a new way of playing the Loop Game.


This puzzle is a connection game which will challenge your brain and encourage your creativity by having you completing lighting circuits of bulbs, wires and lightning bolts.

The communication between the astonishing visual parts and the soothing music builds the perfect atmosphere for any person who is suffering stress in their life. LOOP ENERGY will take you into an infinite one way trip towards a relaxing state of mind.


This game is doesn’t needs any introduction or guides on “HOW TO PLAY IT?” It is a simple game and you will easily understand how LOOP ENERGY works in the first levels as well as the purpose you will need to achieve. The apparent complexity is quickly replaced by clairvoyance and you’ll start to have fun!


To complete the level, you have to rotate the objects so the energy can pass through them. It is as similar as connecting the wires in the house to light up the house. Now that you have connected all the tile (or what you want to name it), then all the light will glows up which means that everything is connected and congrats, you’re into another level!


Now if you’re going to play any good games like INFINITY LOOP, then it is obvious that you must be wanted to know the total number of levels it has and some more info.

Loop Energy is based on logic of never ending levels so that it can relax your brain till eternity. You’ll never get bored by solving the same puzzles again and again as all the puzzles are different (as claimed by Developers).

There will be an infinite number of puzzles to solve and everyone will play the exact same levels, i.e. if you are in the level 100 and someone else is also on level 100, then you both will be playing the same exact level.

Finally, out of all the features which this game has, the feature which you’ll admire the most is that this game is FREE. LOOP ENERGY is completely free and you don’t need to pay for playing the game.

However, the developer of this game had implemented some ads for the revenue and improvement of the game but you can remove those ads by paying them $25 only.


I’ve played many mobile games since Android games came into the action and the game I like mostly is First Person Shooting or Car Racing or Strategic Games like GTA but this game gives too much relief to me and with its pleasant music, it kicks out all the stress and keeps me relaxed and fresh.


Overall, if you want a relaxed evening/night after getting tortured throughout the day, then you must go for this game. See, this game is specially designed for those users who want a peaceful night and you can play it if you want the same.


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