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Sunday, 17 June 2018


Driving is one of the most essential parts of our daily life. After purchasing our brand new car, we want to make it look classy, adorable & cool and in order make all these changes, we make some common mistakes. Generally, we don’t use real car parts or the repairer don’t fit the provided parts properly which can result in an accident.



Many people change their default steering covers to a fancy one to make their car’s interior more adorable. How changing STEERING COVERS can lead you to death?

Look, the steering wheels are made in such a way so that you can grip the steering wheel comfortably and can drive properly but in the case of fancy steering covers, you may find the steering wheel is becoming difficult to grip and a certain mistake can take you to death.

So, it’ll be better for you to avoid these fancy steering covers to avoid the risks.


We often see colored fog light or tail lamp on four wheelers which seems cool but…

This cool light becomes the cause for many road accidents. The reason is the VISIBILITY. The yellow colored fog light decrease the visibility as light becomes too much dim which results in the poor visibility.

The lamp which is provided by the car manufacturer is properly measured and tested by the car company and we must not play with it as it is dangerous.


Many four-wheelers owner modify the front side of their car to make it sporty and this becomes one of the biggest mistakes.

This modification may look cool and sporty but this design will hide all the wide range of light rays which come from the headlight. Hiding the light rays makes it dangerous for the drivers in foggy day, rainy day or snowy day, so we must try to avoid these type of modification in our car.


Many car owners prefer roof mounted video players to enjoy the long distance ride. However, these video players are generally situated at a suitable height so that it won’t disturb car driver.

Some advanced cars have such feature that these roof mounted video players won’t play any video if the car is moving but that feature will not be available when we use third party mounted video players.

Moreover, if this video player won’t be fitted properly then driver might get distracted and may suffer an accident.


Seatbelt in car is given by the manufacturers for our safety and is one of the most important components in any cars. While seat belt saves our life more often, but sometimes it breaks and because of that we have to change it.

Changing seat belts is also a very cautious task because we have to make sure that the seatbelt which we are going to use is strong enough to protect our head from sudden accident.

After ensuring the quality of the seatbelt, it is also important that we should get it fit correctly because many seatbelts not open at the time of accident and many people lose their life because they get trapped in those seatbelts.

Drive carefully and safely!

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