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Saturday, 12 May 2018



Android is the most used OS in the world right now and currently we are on Android 8.0, i.e. Android Oreo. With the advancement and upgrade in the technology, Android is also upgrading and becoming way too advanced than any other OS right now.

Few days ago, Google I/O was held and many big announcements were done in that event with Android P being one of major announcement.

Started with Google's CEO Sundar Pichai's introduction to the new technology, the conference was taken to a whole new level and the excitement level increased as hell.

As announced by Google, Android P will be available publicly in the upcoming months but Android P BETA had been rolled out for many of the Android devices.

After a few days of using Android P beta, the question that "SHOULD WE UPGRADE OUR ANDROID 8.0 TO ANDROID 9.0 WHEN IT WILL BE AVAILABLE?"

Before moving to the conclusion, let us take a brief view on every new update which Android P is supposed to have!


i) Smarter Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant right now, beating Siri with a huge accuracy margin. With Android P, it'll become more smarter and intelligent.

Google introduced Google DUPLEX to the Google Assistance which can make phone call appointments and reservations for you. With the addition of more natural-sounding voice in the Google Assistant, it'll be next to impossible to distinguish between the human and the assistance voice.

ii) Gmail is becoming better place to send mails

Gmail is already a best place to send and receive mails and with Android P, it'll become more user-friendly. The new AI based Gmail is going to have a "Smart Compose" feature which will definitely be helping you to compose the best and convincing mails to send to your clients.

Smart Compose will help you create and finish sentences in emails with the help of AI (Machine learning). We've been using Auto-prediction (Auto correct) in our smartphones for many years and it will arrive in the new Gmail but with more improvement and less annoying feature.

It'll be more smarter than a simple Auto correct feature as Google tracks all your data which will definitely help AI to learn more about your behavior.

iii) Google Maps becoming "HERE MAPS"

Google maps is the best maps service by any company right now and integration of Google Lens in Google Maps will give users the best possible outcome.

You might be wondering how it works? That's too easy!

We have to point our smartphone at the street and a Street view Augmented Reality overlay will pop up which will point the respective user in the right direction. Don't worry! Your Google Maps layout will also be shown along with the Street view AR at the bottom of the screen.

The reason behind the the title written above is NOKIA HERE MAPS which featured the same UI and functionality which Google Maps is going to have in coming days.

However, it is not clear whether this feature will be available with all Android version or only with Android P.

iv) Navigation Design

iPhone X has a very smooth and elegant gesture control which let its user to navigate their smartphone with ease. Android P will be having the same gesture control to navigate the Android smartphone with the help of iPhone X like horizontal bar located at the bottom of the screen.

You will be able to swipe up from the bottom anywhere in your smartphone to see the recently used apps. Not only recently used apps but you'll be able to see the five predicted apps at the bottom of the screen (which again will use machine learning) to save your time.

This gesture control seems good but the presence of  'BACK' arrow in the navigation bar looks somewhat weird, which will be resolved in Android P.

v) Everything is FOCUSED on our Well-Being

With Android P, every user will get a separate dashboard which will tell us the amount of time we are spending on each apps. YouTube will have total watch time in your smartphone as well as in your desktop to help you understand how and when you spend too much time on your phone.

Shush is a modified name/version of Do Not Disturb mode which will help you to silent your phone whenever you'll receive a calls. You can mark your favorite or important calls as emergency calls and the calls from that particular contact won't be putted to silence.

This feature is already on many Android devices which don't have Stock Android but having skin UI.

vi) Android P is smarter than us...

Android P is going to become more smarter than us and Android Oreo (8.0). The upcoming Android will conserve battery life through Adaptive Battery (As called by Google). Adaptive Battery is going to help you see a 30% reduction in CPU app wake-ups that Android system predicts you won't actually use for the rest of the day.

In order to become more accurate,  Adaptive Brightness will learn everything from your own preferences, which mean that your screen brightness will be set automatically according to your own preferences.

For instance, suppose you use YouTube at 60% brightness every time and Instagram at 40% brightness every time, then your smartphone will adjust your screen brightness almost to 60% when you will open YouTube.

Google says that half of all Android users are manually adjusting brightness, which is really a good figure.


The way Google represented everything at about Android P at I/O 2018, there isn't a single reason to not to upgrade your previous Android to the newer one.

With Android P, you are going to get more advanced Google Assistant, more AI integrated software, advanced Google Maps, and many more.

According to me, the only thing to improve in Android P is the navigation bar which has back arrow to close the apps.

Currently, Android P is available for following devices:

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