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Wednesday, 2 May 2018



Sports have always been everyone's favourite, irrespective of gender, religion or races. As the world progressed in terms of technology, many sports were also evolved with it and finally we are in the position to answer to everything (whether right or wrong) that happened with sports.

If you're a die-hard sports lover, you might have heard about the app named, DREAM 11 FANTASY LEAGUE. This app is a dream app for all the sports lovers who has very good knowledge about his/her favorite sport.


"Dream11 is India’s biggest Sports Game with an exponentially growing user base of over 2 crore sports fans.
Dream11 is played by using your sport knowledge and skill. You can pick your own team made up of real players for Cricket, Football, Kabaddi & NBA. Create your team within a maximum budget of 100 credits. Your team earns points based on your chosen players' performance in the real-life matches. It's time to showcase your skill and go for glory!"
Wait... Wait... Wait...
All the above lines are said by the management only and there doesn't exist any person who says bad words about their own management.

Dream 11 is good but it is better to avoid grand leagues, where there are up to 600,000 winners. These grand leagues starts at just Rs. 45 and this is the main reason why many people are interested in joining these grand leagues because they invest less and can get almost 500 times more money, in case they win.


While playing the grand league, you can easily come in top 500 ranking, but as you'll exceed to the top, some other teams will always be ahead of you (in terms of ranking and points). They'll always manipulate the league by adding their own teams and editing them while the league will be in progress.

There are very few people who had won the grand league. Yes, you will win the grand league but for that your team must have all those players who will score in that particular match, else don't even dream of winning the grand league.


If you've played any league in Dream 11, you must have played a grand league in which entry fee is Rs. 45 or 49. There are 600,000 winners in this grand league and a total of 999,999 contestants participates in this grand league.

Now, just by applying simple mathematics, we will be able to find the total amount they earn from us in the name of Fantasy league.

The above screenshot is about the prize distribution of the grand league. First rank holder will be awarded with Rs. 10,00,000 and the distribution will go on in the same way as we move down the order.

There are only 1 person who'll be getting Rs. 10,00,000, so I multiplied Rs. 10,00,000 with 1 and repeated the same process till the end where Rs. 20 will be distributed among 1,50,000 people. Following these simple calculations, the result came out to be Rs. 3,49,40,000 and the total winning was Rs. 3,50,00,000. It is clear that they aren't giving Rs. 3.5 crores to the winners and hence, their profit in this case will be Rs. 60,000.






Let us move further ahead with their complex profit calculation. As it clear from the above screenshot that the total number of contestants equals 999,999 and the number of winners equals 600,000, which clearly shows that there are still 399,999 people remain unrewarded. These people also invest their money to take part in this grand league. Entry fee of this grand league is Rs. 45, so by multiplying Rs. 40 to 399,999 people, it'll come out to be Rs. 1,55,99,960.

This shows the amount of profit they earn from single grand league contest. Forget about those small Rs. 26 leagues or many small leagues, it'll be more than Rs. 1,00,00,00,000 (approx.) per match and multiply it by 30, it'll be Rs. 30,00,00,00,000 (Rs. 300 billion).


See, contest like these are no less than drugs. Once you'll start to win, you'll become greedy and want to earn more. My advise is that you should focus on such a master business plan which can let you earn the same amount of money as thhe CEO of this app earns. You can participate in small league which is less risky as well as the percentage of winning these leagues is also high.


Dream 11 is legal in India as declared by Supreme Court of India but why?

It is considered legal because the contestants in this league select players from both the teams, depending upon the talent, form of the players which can not be considered as an illegal process but it is legal in India but not for Google. Every Android users have to download this app from the web because this app doesn't fulfill the terms and conditions of Google Play and is considered as GAMBLING by Google. 

However, this scenario is opposite in case of iOS as Dream 11 app is easily available for the iOS users because it doesn't violate the policy of App store. Whether government of India considers it as legal or not, but the reality is that it is a game of betting, betting on a particular player and I've seen many people lost their hard earned money because of this league.

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