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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


We are living in an era where everything is going through modernization. Right from 1955 (the time when the first AI was created), we are discussing and working on AI and from last 7-8 years, AI had been a “TALK OF A TOWN”.


Along with AI, Machine Learning is also very hot buzzwords right now. Nowadays, Machine Learning are used by many tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung to provide their users a very fine and convenient user-experience and one among them is “VIRTUAL ASSISTANT” which helps us to operate our Smartphone by talking with them.


In 2010, Apple launched SIRI which was quite innovative at that time and Apple received much appreciation for that. After ruling the industry for three years, SIRI’s competitor arrived in the market, CORTANA.

CORTANA was launched by Microsoft on April 2-4, 2013 in San Francisco at BUILD Developer Conference and took a sudden boost in the market because of its accuracy and reliability. At the time of its release, it was only available on Windows Phone but as the time passes, Microsoft launched CORTANA app for Android also which is still on BETA.

Everything was going alright and suddenly Google thought to overtake Apple (Like it overtook Apple’s iOS with Android) and Microsoft (Like it overtook Microsoft’s Bing with their own search engine, Google) and launched Google Assistant.

Google Assistant was unveiled during Google’s Developer Conference on May 18, 2016 and was exclusively available for Pixel and Pixel XL (which are Google’s flagships).

Want to know about the Programming Language used in all these VIRTUAL ASSISTANT? Read this: LANGUAGES USED TO MAKE ASSISTANTS!


Well, we access many websites on our Smartphone daily and many data are being used by Google search engine to provide us exact search results. With the advancement of AI and Machine learning, our privacy isn’t safe anymore. All the personal data which we enter in our Smartphone are directly been saved to Google’s server and later these data are used by Assistant to provide us all the information we want. This case is same in case of SIRI, CORTANA, ALEXA because without accessing our data, our personal can’t learn about us.


Few weeks ago, Google unveiled Google Duplex which will make our task much easier. Google Duplex will add calling feature to our Google Assistant which will call to client on behalf of us and fix an appointment with them.


As presented by Google at Google I/O 2018, if a user wants to fix an appointment in Hair Saloon to get his/her haircut, then Google Assistant will fix their appointment on behalf of them and the other person won’t even know whether they are talking to robot or a human.

The most interesting fact about the Google Duplex is its voice and expression. Human like voice and Human like talking pause make it beast. Pause like ‘Hmm-mmm’, ‘Ah-ok’, ‘Hmmm’ is definitely something which we haven’t witnessed till now in any of the Virtual Assitance.



We are in 2018 and had already seen much advancement in technology. I think we are in the position to answer the negative consequences of AI and Machine Learning in the coming future. Note that we are going to consider Google Assistant only because it seems that only Google Assistant will be used by all the people over the world in the near future.

  Ø Now with the introduction of Google Duplex in Google Assistant, first thing which will become very common is SPAM CALLS. Every person will receive calls on behalf of every other person to which their Google Assistant will reply on behalf of them which will consequently increase spamming.

  Ø Google Duplex is capable of understanding the human language, even with normal background noise, which directly means that it’ll be replacing many humans in Telecom sectors. Many people might lose their jobs in call center because of Google Duplex. We all are familiar with the perfection that machine is going to offer and humans will never reach at that level.

  Ø Last but not the least, we  have already made AI much smarter with Google Duplex that we’ll be unable to differentiate between robot voice and human voice and if these things will proceed in the same way then that day is not far from us when Human Intelligence will be overtaken by the Artificial Intelligence.

Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already stated that “AI will have very bad impact on humanity in the long run”.

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