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Sunday, 8 April 2018



With the rapid modernization of the world, Internet became a major part in our life. Every work we do needs Internet. Internet was introduced for communication but nowadays, Internet is full of websites. There are many websites on the Internet which are useful and can be useful to you in too many ways. It helps in recording your computer screen and then you can share the recording directly to YouTube. It helps in shortening the long URLs. Just enter the URL in box and you'll get the shorter version of it.

Unfurlr- The above link "" helps in shortening the URL and this site helps in finding out the original URL behind that short URL.

Copy Paste Character- It helps in copy and paste those character which are unavailable on your keyboard. You can use it on your smartphone also.

Code Academy- This site is for those people who are interested in learning Computer programming.

Lovely Charts- This site is for those who wants to create flowcharts, sitemaps, network diagrams and many good useful creations.

Office- If you are an employee, then you can find this site very useful. This site is very helpful in creating templates, clipart and images for your official work. Microsoft Office is also available on every Windows computer and you can use it directly from your PC.

RSS Search Engine- We use Google as our search for our work and in the same way, we can use RSS search Engine to find all the RSS latest RSS feed around the web.

JOTTI- Why to use Anti virus to scan the files when Jotti is here? This site will help you to scan the files directly on the website. You don't have to download or purchase File scanner in your computer.

WOLFRAMALPHA- Any questions regarding Mathematics? Visit here. You will get the solution of each and every answer too quickly. It is a heaven for all Mathematics student. Not only Mathematics, you can find answers related to each and every subjects.

CORAL CDN - When we use Internet, many times we find a those sites whose server goes down and because of that we suffer. We can use this site to visit those sites whose server goes down due to high traffic.

PDF Escape- In order to send the PDF of our likes, we have to download it from the web and then edit it. To come out of this irritating problem, this site can help you. It will let you edit the PDFs right from the web directly.

LIVE STREAM -You can make the LIVE TV shows right from your home with the help of this site. It'll allow you to broadcast the video all over the world.

HUNDRED ZEROS- There are many eBooks company available online and one of the most useful one is Kindle. This site will help you to download all the free Kindle Books in your computer or in your smartphone in the form of PDF or .doc .

POLISH MY WRITING- Here comes the most useful site for all the writers and bloggers! This site will help you in detecting all the grammatical errors and spelling errors in your content.

WEBSITE ANALYZER- Yet another site for blogger! This site (tool) will help you in analyzing your site performance and speed on the search engine. You'll get each and every details about your site speed (or blog).

LMGTFY -This site provides you the option of each search engine which you can use to get the search results.

Bing Images- It will find you the most beautiful and suitable wallpapers for your smartphones which will fit in your smartphone screen perfectly. Please note that it is for only smartphone users.

FEED MY INBOX- Receiving newsletter from many blogs is a common thing but what if you receive newsletter for each new updated RSS feed? That will be interesting. Login and register here to get newsletter for RSS feeds.

PRIVATE CHAT ROOM- Privacy is a major concern today and with the current incident of data leaks and that too from Facebook, it became a huge problem to maintain privacy. Private chat room will help you to setup a private chat room instantly.

CUSTOM MAPS- It'll be fun using it as it allows users to create their custom Google maps. You can use it for work as well as fun.


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