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Monday, 16 April 2018



As of now, there are many smartphone companies in the world out of which only some of them are providing valuable products to their users. Many companies do manufacture smartphones but only some of them care about the after sales services.

We did almost every possible research to make some list of those smartphones which you should never buy. Here are the names of those smartphone companies which you should never prefer!


Lenovo is a famous multinational brand which manufactures high quality laptops. It designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, workstations, servers, electronic storage devices, tablet computers, IT management software and smart TVs. Since 2013, Lenovo is the world's largest personal computer vendor by unit sales.


Being a largest computer vendor doesn't mean that you'll exceed in smartphone department and this is happening with Lenovo too. As per the observations, Lenovo smartphones come with very good hardware (specs) but it lacks customer support service. Not only customer support service, the device starts to heat and lag (it is obvious after getting heated up) even though these smartphone comes with many features. Few days ago, one of my colleagues told me about the hanging and heating problem about his device. His device has:

i) RAM: 3 GB
iii) BATTERY: 4000 mAh (which lasts only about 4 hours)

Now tell me one thing, who won't be impressed with these specs at such a low price? But at last, its the game of hardware and software optimization.

Moreover, the smartphone hadn't received any security updates since December 2017 which shows the carelessness of the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that, we are talking about Lenovo only and not about Moto. Moto is currently one of the best in the smartphone business and the only problem with them is their late launching dates.

Interesting fact: This post is being written with LENOVO laptop ;)!

ii) OPPO

OPPO is currently the fourth largest smartphone brand in the world but being fourth largest smartphone brand is not enough. At least they have to maintain the quality of their products. Honestly speaking, the quality of OPPO smartphone is something which must be the antonym of the word "DURABILITY".


OPPO is famous for its selfie camera (just because it provides high MP in its camera) but you will get fed up with the quality of the camera as the photographs clicked by it are way too warm (yellowish in color), no color accuracy and images will get pixelated when we zoom it. Coming to durability, it is worst. My friend has OPPO A57 and he dropped it only once (from height of around 5 feet) and its screen was broken. But he kept on using his phone, and as the day is passing some parts of his mobile phone is still breaking into small pieces even though he is not dropping it now.

Also, the software update is worst as he is still using Android 6.0 with no security patch update.

iii) LeEco

LeEco is a smartphone manufacturer from China. LeEco provides smartphones with high end but unreliable features which doesn't last too long. In spite of having high end specs, LeEco smartphones tends to slow down after month or two.


Earlier this decade, LeEco was one of the major smartphone companies in the market because of its specs in such a low price but as customer started to realize that their smartphone is not lasting for too long, they decided to change their mindset towards this company. For example, take LeEco Le Pro 3, which comes with great specs (higher than Pixel 2) but runs on Android 6.0 with EMUI which is not a great UI. Also, this smartphone failed miserably because it came with Mediatek processor. LeEco doesn't provide decent after sales service and customer care support and that's why it is not a great deal!


Another big company which must be mentioned here is MICROMAX. Few years ago, Micromax used to be the best smartphone seller in India but now it is  nowhere near to Xiami and the reason behind its downfall is its quality and service. Service is somewhat decent but the quality is not up to the mark. The problem (which I observed) is that all the Micromax smartphones have very good amount of free storage but it gets filled very soon irrespective of your usage.


Even though you switched off the background data usage, your phone will automatically start downloading any random apps from Play Store or from any third party app store. The smartphone gets heated with high amount of usage and do not receive any major updates (only one Android update and very less security patch updates). There is no problem with their after sales service because they will simply change your mobile phone (if it is under guarantee period), if your mobile phone will have major problem. Their smartphone isn't worst but not the best (if we won't consider service center support).


ACER is one of the best when it comes to desktops but you can't be the best or even good with the smartphones with that ease. This case for ACER is same as it is for LENOVO just because of their inappropriate planning for smartphones. ACER smartphones starts to lag miserably after few months of usage because of their unplanned software updates which is very important factor for any smartphone to run smoothly.


ACER is also a major desktop manufacturer and it is their main department and that's why it seems that they don't care for their smartphone much just like Google is not caring for their blogging platform, BLOGGER. If you're wondering about the camera, then let me confirm you that ACER smartphones have worst rear and front camera in their smartphones and you can't expect that these camera will improve with software updates because they won't provide it.

These are the smartphone companies which you must not prefer or if you want to use one of them just because they provide very good money values, then do proper research by reading other's reviews on online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

Keep in mind that paper specs isn't enough for any smartphone to provide you excellent user experience. With every single penny you'll spend on your smartphone, you'll get close to high quality user experience!

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