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Thursday, 5 April 2018



Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world with almost 1.4 billion users daily. It was started as a chatting platform in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and year by year, it has evolved too much. At present, Facebook is not only a chatting platform but also a platform to launch apps and games.

Just like instant articles, Facebook games is Instant games which means that you play these games without downloading it and that too with very low speed internet connection.

However, unlike Android, its market share isn't that much great but it is increasing at a rapid rate. Without taking much time, let get into it.

If you are using Facebook for a while, you might have played Facebook games which is too much smooth but not that much advanced what we play on Android. From the sea of hundreds of games, here are some of the top games which you must play on Facebook.

(Note: The names in parenthesis is the name of developers)!

i) GOLDEN BOOT (by Nordeus)

GOLDEN BOOT is a smaller version of . This game is too very simple. You have to score a goal in Penalty Shootout by swiping the screen towards the goal post. You can also change the direction of swing of the ball by swiping left/right according to the goalkeeper.
After completing the level, you will be rewarded some points and then you can challenge your friend on Facebook by messaging them through messenger. It'll be a great time pass game for you if you won't have enough storage on your smartphone to download one such game.

ii) EVERWING (by Game Closure)

EverWing is one such game which we used to play during our childhood. You'll be given one girl character(by default) with a stick firing bullets in her hand. The goblins will come to attack you and you have to save yourself with the help of bullets your magic stick will fire.
EverWing will lift you up and drop you in your childhood. With some graphics improvement, I think this game will surely steal your heart.

iii) SUPER CRICKET (by Super Appli)

Cricket is one of the popular sports in the world and is religion in India. Being a cricket fan, we always search for a cricket game on Google Play which we can play in multiplayer mode. This instant game will surely make you remember about the first cricket game on mobile phones introduced by Nokia.
Super Cricket is a copy of that Cricket game with some change in graphics. It is a colorful game instead of black & white version which was available in Nokia.

iv) 8 BALL POOL (by Miniclip)

8 Ball Pool is a very famous on Android and iOS. Seeing its craze all over the world, Facebook developers introduced this game to Facebook platform too. The interesting fact is that, this game is about 51 MB in size but it is available as instant games on Facebook.
Now, we share our score and invitation to our friends on Facebook in order to get some points. So what is the need to download it from Google Play? We can play it on Facebook instantly without downloading and that is why it is one of my favorite instant games. Share, Play and enjoy!!!


Basketball is one of most loved sports and its craze is too much in western countries. While we can download Basketball Stars from Google Play, we can also play Basketball instantly on Facebook. Mission is simple. You will be given a set of balls and you have to basket these balls. The more you'll basket, the more you'll score.
There is nothing much to mention about this game. Just Basket, Share and enjoy!!!

vi) BIKE RACE FREE (by Top Free Games)

Bike Race Free is a simple 2-D bike game in which you have to complete the distance in the less possible time to get more rewards. It is also available on Google Play, with total file size of about 33 MB.
Playing on Android smartphone and playing on Facebook make a huge difference which is multiplayer option. It needs no introduction as almost we all must have played this game on our smartphone. Share and enjoy!!!

vii) SUPER BOWLING (Super Appli)

As it is clear by name (Super Bowling), that it is about bowling. Seriously, I don't know what to write to introduce this game because everyone of us knows about it. Its quite simple!!!

ix) CROSSING GAPS (by Play68)

This game is one of my favorite games on Facebook. An excellent background and a decent graphics with awesome gameplay makes it better than the rest. You have to cross the building with the help of sticks.
You have to hold on the screen to produce the stick. The longer you hold, the bigger the stick will be produced. Moreover, if your stick will touch the red dot on the given area(it'll be clear to you when you play the game), you'll be awarded a coin.

x) 4 PICS 1 WORD (by Lotum GmbH)

This game is available on Google Play also and its fun to play 4 PICS 1 WORD. To exercise your brain, you must play this awesome game as it provides countless puzzles from easy to tricky!
Also, as far as I'd observed new puzzles are added continuously for endless word fun to users. It'll definitely improve your vocabulary and thinking capabilities. Share and enjoy!!!

There are many games on Facebook which can be addictive and I'm sorry if I didn't mentioned good games. If you know about those games, let us know in the comment box below!!!

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