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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Internet is a lifeline for many people as well as for many big companies, like GOOGLE, AMAZON, FLIPKART and many other companies. Not only these big companies are dependent on the INTERNET, many social media sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM are also dependent on the INTERNET. In fact, these sites are the HEART of the INTERNET.

Don't you want to know the interesting fact about the HEART of the INTERNET?

I mean there are many interesting 'WOW' stats about social media and honestly, they are very interesting to know!

I) FACT 1:

Twitter is the favorite social media for every celebrity/public figure. The interesting facts about Twitter is that:
  • Twitter is grabbing more new customers than other social media sites, even FACEBOOK is far away from Twitter when compared to grabbing new customers. 
  • Almost 53% of the Twitter users have been a member for less than a year and for Facebook, it is just 19%.
This new user base could prove as an advantage to Twitter and it clearly shows that Twitter is moving forward rapidly.


Social Media is considered as the favorite platform to share images and videos, which are usually shared by youngsters. The second WOW fact about social media is:
  • The fastest growing age group on the social media is 45-54 years old. This shows that it's not just for kids or youth's anymore.
  • In fact, 55% of the total Americans 45-54 now have a profile on a social networking site. The only group that is below average in terms of expected participation on social networks are 55+ Americans.
  • Even 3 out of 10(55+ age group) of them are on the social network.


Facebook is the world's biggest social networking site with 2.2 billion daily active users worldwide. With its huge user base worldwide, it is obvious that Facebook will have some WOW fact. Here it is:
  • Facebook has greatest IMPACT on purchase behavior at 47%.
  • Last year 68% of Americans using social networks said that none of those networks had and influence on their buying decisions
  • Twitter is far behind in this category at 5%, if you want to drive purchase behavior and you can easily observe that every big business companies use Facebook for their promotion.


As I mentioned above that Facebook is the world's biggest social networking site, so here is another fact:
  • 54% of the total Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile phones.
  • Out of  2.46 billion Facebook users across the globe, 2.20 billion users are common between Facebook and other social media sites.

V) FACT 5:

Twitter is growing up rapidly to match the user base of Facebook. The another fact is related to its behavioral change:
  • The social habit research found that just 47% of Twitter users actually sent tweets and with more than half the user base in listen only mode.
  • The overall average were driven by the overwhelming tweeters to 76%, which is still considered as one of the biggest behavioral changes.


Social came into play when Facebook was launched in 2004 and this fact is surely a shocking one.
  • From 2004, there were not so many Internet users worldwide and that is the main reason why social media remained unrecognized. Now, coming to 2010! From 2010 to 2012 the percentage of users following any brand or a social network has increased exponentially from 16% to 33%.
  • This is a sharp increase but this also means that 2/3 of Internet users using social media have never followed a brand, which arise a room of tremendous growth here.
  • As of now, users are increasing at very rapid rate but that is unrecognizable because of the huge number of Internet users (as huge no. of Internet users decrease the percentage).


We are the most advanced generation, in terms of technology but these stats will definitely.........
  • Almost 74% of the total users are unfamiliar with the concept of checking in to a location via mobile device, and only 3% have ever checked in.
  • Foursquare would be best served trying to be the solution that replaces all of our loyalty cards (CVS, Eddie, Bauer, Kroger) at the point of purchase rather than continue with a lackluster business model.

These are some WOW facts about the social media, aka "THE HEART" of the Internet.

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