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Saturday, 28 April 2018


                  SCAM OR LEGIT?

In this modern world of Internet, there are millions and millions of website on the web. Some are so much useful that we start to like and follow their each and every post, whereas some websites give us greed that they will let us earn for some simple tasks.

Well, there are some sites which let us earn money by seeing their ads or by participating in their surveys but usually they'll give you 0.1-0.7 cents which is quite less...

And then there comes this site, named "EREMONEY.BID", which will let you earn 10 cents for each ads you'll watch. How easy it is to earn money nowadays? Now, we don't have to work hard or study hard to earn money.

Oh! Comm'on, get out of this fake fantasy world and stop wasting time on these sites and work hard for the betterment of your life.

Let me explain you the whole scenario which they usually do to many users.


Here's what you'll be asked to do in these websites!

i) When you will open "EREMONEY.BID", you have to register for it. The interesting fact is that you don't have to make an effort to verify their mails by clicking on their verifying link. Isn't it time saving? Other sites like Neobux, Treasuretroopers verify you by sending you verifying mails but it doesn't. I don't know why Neobux like sites are not as intelligent as EREMONEY.BID. ;)...

ii) Now that you have already registered for this site and want to earn money, you must be searching for the proof and reviews from other viewers. After searching for a while, you'll see this list of all the top earners for the particular day and you will be stunned after seeing the list. Check it below:

(Note that their threshold limit for first time user is $150, i.e. if you're a first time user then you've to reach to $150 mark first.)

iii) After seeing these lists, you thought of working with them and you've now reached your threshold limit, i.e. $150 and wanted to withdraw it from Paypal or through other services. Here comes the twist!

Now they'll ask you to attract 40 referrals to their website by sharing the referral link which they'll provide you. Another option is that you can buy these referrals from them and the payment method is BITCOINS. Yes, the same BITCOINS whose advertisement are banned on Facebook and even on Google. The main purpose behind accepting the payments with BITCOINS is that you can't even file a case against them in judiciary system. Even though they provide payment receipts but it is of no use.

To verify, if they really provide us the referrals, we paid them $9 through BITCOINS (which we mined through many Android apps), we received payment receipt and a message "WE'LL UPDATE ALL THE REFERRALS INTO YOUR ACCOUNT IN 10 MINUTES". After half an hour, we checked the account once again and found that we've been logged out automatically and unable to login again. While trying to log into the account, we've seen the same message many times.
"YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TERMINATED FOR VIOLATING THE POLICY" and I be like: Is it a PTC site or Google Adsense that we'd violated their policy?

iv) If you are in no mood to buy the referrals and want to earn referrals honestly (without purchasing), then just forget it! They will block you again. No matter how you earn 40 referrals, you'll loose your account.


Now that you came to know about EREMONEY.BID, you must report it to help other so that they won't waste time in such a useless website. Reporting it will De-index their site from Google search engine and finally they'll stop their scam business.

In the previous year, one site named "HEYMONEY.COM" indexed on Google search engine and later it got de-indexed from Google search engine because many people reported that site. Interesting common fact among these both sites is their design. Each and every structure of both the sites are exactly same. Now "HEYMONEY.COM" domain is available for sale as Google had blacklisted this doamain.
Would you like to buy it? ;)

Report this site here: REPORT TO GOOGLE!


The owner of the site "EREMONEY.BID" owns many domains which are linked with each other. Whenever you'll refer it to some other people, the domain will automatically change but the site structure will remain the same. They own these many domains so that their business will remain unaffected.
See the small circular area by zooming in where link is given for ""

While verifying each and every details about this site, we came to know that this site is hosted on very fast server (hosted on CLOUDFARE) with delay time of just 586 ms [faster than Google (1106 ms) too]. Moreover, the site owner is hiding his/her location, ID so that anyone will find it difficult to trace them. It is usually run by hackers or spammers who are in need of money. They can access the data of your credit card, so don't dare to give any credit card details even if you are lucky to get the earned on this site. Also, this site doesn't has "https" connection which is enough to prove it a SCAM!

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