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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Mobile phones are the most important ingredients of our life and we care for it too much. While caring for mobile phones, sometimes we become too much conservative for it which is useless and actually we don't need to be that much conservative about our phones.


Here are the list of those top myths which you should throw out of your mind now.

i) CALL WHILE CHARGING: Most of us believe that we should not call someone while charging our smartphones but it became history nowadays. Our smartphones are becoming very smart and
we don't have to worry about it. The only problem which will exist is the heating. The device get heat if we talk for too long on mobile while charging.

ii) CHARGING PHONE OVERNIGHT: Well, we don't want to play with electricity and that's why we don't want to charge our phone overnight. But that's just remained a myth at present times. As we use smartphones, and so they are made smart. Actually it stops taking power in it when it charge completely and we don't have to worry about unplugging the charger.

Note: It doesn't mean that you will leave your mobile plugged in because your charger can be affected!

iii) CLEANING APPS FROM BACKGROUND: Almost everyone among us clean all the apps from background each we exit the apps. But why? There's no need of it. Your Android is already too smart to handle all these stuff. Actually, cleaning all the apps from the background drains more battery and takes more RAM because opening the apps will take more RAM and has to restart all the process once again.

Earlier it used to be a great problem when Android was introduced for the first time but now its not a problem anymore. Android is very well optimized to hibernate all the unused apps. Moreover, if your mobile phone has sufficient amount of RAM, you will have all the apps open in the background and when you will open any of these apps it will start from where you left it. Just don't clean it from background!

iv) NO BACKUP: While using our smartphones, we surf Playstore many times a day and downloads many apps. Some apps are very useful while others are not. But downloading too much apps fill our mobile phone's storage and that's why delete it.

But why to delete it when we can keep their backup in our phone? Keeping backup will not force you to download your app once again and also all the cache data will be available in the backup too which means your phone won't have to process all the necessary things once again.

v) NOT USING GOOGLE CLOUD SERVICE: Every Android phones come with inbuilt all GOOGLE services like Google photos, Google Drive, Google cloud which must be used properly to get better experience of Android. Upload all the data on Google Drive, all the photos on Google photos which will clear all the space from your phone and every data will remain.

If you are a SAMSUNG user, then you can use SAMSUNG cloud service. Just go to settings and start "SYNC" and everything will be saved to your SAMSUNG storage. It will take some permission from you about saving your data online and then you can enjoy their service.

Remember, that these are online service and it won't take any space in your phone.

So these are those top myths which you should ignore in 2018. These are just an illogical things which must not be believed.

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