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Saturday, 24 March 2018


Android and iOS are two most popular smartphone OS which are used by most of the people nowadays. While iOS was known for its smooth and clean UI, on the other side Android used to lag and high memory consumer for the users. I mentioned 'WAS' because gone are the days when Android used to lag and nowadays, its too smooth for its users.

iOS with its new iOS 11 lagged more as compared to Android 7.0 or 8.0 . We exactly don't know about the reason why it happened to iOS 11 but its fact. To check their gaming performance video, check out the below video:

It can clearly be seen that Apple iPhone X and that too with A11 (the most powerful chip, as claimed by APPLE) struggled during the GamePlay.

Leaving these matter aside, now coming to Android.

Android, being written in JAVA, has GARBAGE COLLECTOR which affects Android system and occupy the storage in the Android smartphones which is the main reason why Android needs more RAM to manage the smartphones. This is the main reason why many people thinks that we  need to boost our smartphones with different types of application available on the Play Store. But that's just illogical.


The simplest answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Because you are living in an smartphone and AI era where every technology depends on machine learning. In simple language, the smartphones nowadays are too smart to manage those garbage on their own. Now many will want the reason for the answer!


Don't worry! We've all the possible reasons here..


i) The first point comes to our mind when we hear the word 'BOOST SMARTPHONE' is to download a RAM cleaner from the Google Play. But wait!

With the use of so many different application from the google play store, we simply push our smartphones to a whole new level of limit in order to manage the RAM. I mean to say that our smartphone already has so many application in it and downloading the RAM booster will consume more RAM and battery instead of making it fast. These RAM booster do nothing but clean all the cache data in your smartphone and because of these actions your smartphone have to reload all the apps once again when you open it.


ii) Whenever, we ask about how to make our smartphone smooth? Many people advise us to KEEP EMPTY SPACE IN INTERNAL STORAGE, but is it worth to keep empty space in internal space?

The answer is NO!

The amount of free storage space doesn't really have much to do with the performance of the phone unless there is literally nothing left and the phone can no longer cache things. So, you don't have to worry about the amount of internal storage present in your Android smartphone to make it fast. Your smartphone will remain fast irrespective of the available storage in the internal memory.

iii) This point is related to first point, i.e. CLEAR CACHE data. Many Android users clear cache data in their smartphone to make it fast but it affects the battery performance and also the speed. As mentioned in the first point, Cache data is too much important and deleting it means allowing your smartphone to start every application from the scratch which affects your battery as well as speed.

It is recommended that you must not believe in all these myths and should leave everything on your smartphone instead.

iv) You might have observed many people around you who clean all the application from the background after they use it to make it fast but actually it is of no use.

We already mentioned the reason in the previous and the reason is same, i.e. "CACHE DATA". Clearing all the apps from the background will delete all the apps from the RAM and consequently, your smartphone have to reload all the apps again.

v) DON'T DO IT!!! Yes, I'm talking about RESETTING your smartphone. Reset is considered as the best method to make your smartphone fresh but it's not totally worth it. Resetting your smartphone will delete all your data which is not a big issue as you can store all the data in your computer but the big issue is that even if you'll restore data to your computer, then also you've to install all the application to your smartphone which will be totally fresh.
For example, imagine your smartphone has GTA San Andreas (my favorite game though) and you have reached level VI and suddenly you thought of resetting your phone. Now, you'll store all the backups in your computer and will reset it. After reset, when you will install all the apps to your smartphone through that backup, you'll find that GTA is starting from the beginning and your all hard work will go into vain!

So, don't do it. Reset is not going to change the smartphone hardware. Your mobile will remain the same and believe me, the performance of the smartphone before reset and after reset is almost unnoticeable.

We have to enjoy the smart era and should enjoy it instead of wasting our time in these illogical things. It's an era of AI and machine learning, so leave everything on them...

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