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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Mobile is the main component in anyone's life and OS is the main component of any mobile phone.  Android is the most used OS which is free and customisable while this case is totally different for iOS. Being an open source software, Android is free and more user friendly than iOS.

Android is free and also has very cheap rates as compared to iOS in every product it offers and one of the product they offer is GOOGLE PLAY CONSOLE. Google Play Console is used by the app developers to upload APK files to Play Store and we can purchase it for $25 and can use it for lifetime while the same product on iOS is available for $99, that too with yearly renewal. You might be thinking, why I am saying so?



The reason is because now a days most of the people want to earn money online and Google Admob is one of the best way to earn  money online. As Google Admob let you to implement ads on the application only, people make application using many app builder websites and implement the AdMob ads in it. I'm not saying that it is bad to earn money with this process but before making applications with app builder sites, you should know the problems which can arise in your application after you launch you application to Google Play. Here are some of the major problem and recommendation you should follow to earn evergreen revenue through your application!

i) CRASHES: The APK files which are created with the help of app builder sites crash usually. You won't come to know about until you will use these APK files for long period of time. Apps builder sites like Thunkable, Appy Builder, Makeroid do offer great apps building experience but their application will crash in long term use.

Moreover, if you will add too many high resolution images in the APK or high resolution icon in the APK, you will definitely suffer app crash.

ii) CUSTOMIZABLE: APK files made with the help of app builder sites won't be as much attractive as the APK files created with Android Studio. You can only make simple user interface with the help of these builder and not a professional APK files. As mentioned above, you can't use high resolution image in the application to make it attractive because it'll start to crash.

iii) EXTENSION PERFORMANCE: While making a good application with these app builder sites, we have to use many types of extensions (which can be found on their own sites) which will consequently affect your app performance and finally it will crash again. Generally, APK files size must not cross 8 MB in order to work it properly on any Android device.

However, the extensions available on the thunkable, appy builder platform is very less in size (mostly up to 500 Kb) but after packing all the stuffs and logic in the APK, it starts to take more space in the APK file than other files.

iv) NO BUGS DETECTION: When you develop your own application through Android Studio, you can easily remove the bugs from your file as Android Studio will alert you but if you opt to develop your application with the help of these app builder sites, you won't be able to identify the bugs for your file.

If you are thinking of editing your APK file to fix the bugs with the help of APK editor (available on Google Play), it'll be next to impossible for you to find them because of too long coding.


i) We'll recommend you all to learn the programming language and then think about making your
own application. It won't take more than 3-4 months to JAVA, if you are passionate and dedicated about it.

ii) Don't waste your precious time in making apps with Thunkable, Appy Builder types of sites as you'll not succeed as a good developer. It may happen that users will not like your application.

iii) We care about your precious time and that's why recommending you to not to be greedy after watching YouTube videos. Becoming will waste your time in search of different videos on YouTube to find the trick to earn money through Admob. Use those time in learning JAVA so you will be able to design apps in Android Studio. It'll hardly take 2-3 months of continuous practice.

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