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Monday, 12 February 2018


Smartphones became one of the most important ingredients of our life. There are almost 2.3 billion smartphone users in the world and it is estimated that this figure will reach 2.5 billion in 2019.


Now while using smartphones we face many problems and one of such major problems is "BATTERY DRAIN ISSUE". I'm talking about Android and not iOS as iOS 11 has this problem since its launch.


Android evolved as one of best OS in terms of battery usage optimisation but yet many Android users face this BATTERY DRAIN ISSUE but as we know there's always a solution to any problem, so here are the solutions.

i) RESET YOUR PHONE: You can reset your smartphone to resolve this issue. What this reset will do is clear all the data, applications and hence you will get the new and fresh UI which will be the same which you got when you purchased your smartphone. Also, resetting will clear all those bugs which let your battery down easily. It's one of the simple idea to fix this issue

ii) UPDATE APPS REGULARLY: Developing application requires very keen work and so sometimes developers leave some space for the bugs to enter in application which consequently cost us our battery life. In order to fix that issue, we must have to update our apps so that we will suffer the less possible problem. It is a "must do" step.

iii) DON'T BELIEVE ON TECH MYTHS: A mistake which we all do is we believe on myths. With myths, I mean to say that we follow the trends of downloading battery saver apps to save our battery or we download apps like Clean Master because we believe that they will save our battery by stopping the running apps in the background and by cleaning the RAM. But the reality is something else.

These types of apps keep on running in the background and will drain your battery more than before. They actually don't clean our RAM but increase our RAM usage instead. Our Android is smart enough to close the apps running in the background.

iv) USE APPS WHICH ARE WORTH USE: Android provides us many free apps via Google Play and we, as a customer, like to download as many as we can which arise many problems. Many useless apps which are not of any use for us keeps running in the background and drain our battery which is quite annoying. So we must restrict ourselves to not to follow these trends.

v) USE TRUSTWORTHY APPS: While many apps like Battery saver, RAM cleaner are available on the Google Play, there also exists some apps which really hibernate all the apps running in the background. One such apps I know is Greenify. Greenify helps you identify which apps are draining battery and put these into hibernation when you are not using them, which helps us to stop them from lagging our device and drain the battery. They can do nothing without an explicit launch by us or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in the foreground.

It's too light app which neither consume more RAM nor fill your device storage. Download it from HERE!!!

vi) KNOW YOUR DEVICE PROPERLY: In order to save our battery, we need to know our device properly. Nowadays, smartphones come with POWER SAVING MODE which helps us to save phone's battery. Some smartphone manufacturers like SAMSUNG, OnePlus and more provides Ultra Saving mode which turns your smartphones into a feature phone and will save your battery. This Battery Saving mode also have an option to turn on automatically after the smartphone battery level reaches 15%. It is a great feature coming in most of the smartphones nowadays.
Ultra Power Saving Mode in SAMSUNG

These are some solutions which you can use to fix the BATTERY DRAIN issue by yourself. Other than these solutions, we can simply replace our smartphone's battery by visiting to our smartphone SERVICE CENTRE.

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