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Monday, 19 February 2018



We all are aware about market sharing of Google in technological market and in the advertisement market. Currently, Android (which is owned by Google) grown its market share to 87% in the world OS market. Being a tech giant, Google also offers its users to earn good amount of money through their services like using Adsense or becoming a publisher on the Google play.

The first impression of all these offers offered by Google seems very easy and liberal but the truth behind these all is very different.

Today, I am going to tell you the problems which many users get while earning revenue through Google.


i) BLOG: While blogging many people think of monetizing their blogs. First of all, getting approved by Google for Adsense is very tough and requires some serious hard-work in your blog. Even after getting approved, it is not sure whether you will be able to display Adsense ads everytime or not.

The one who controls and sees all the clicks on the Adsense is Google bots and we all know that bots can't be human and can not have intelligence like humans. I'm not 100% sure, but here are the problems which can let your Adsense account suspended.

As mentioned above, Adsense clicks are looked after by Google bots and after all, BOTS are BOTS. If the same person will click on your Adsense thrice or four times per day, then Google bots will consider those clicks as an INVALID CLICKS and will suspend your Adsense account or even terminate your account in the worst condition. It doesn't matter whether those clicks are coming through apps or blogs, they will detect it as invalid and that's the worst thing about Adsense or Admob ads.

ii) YOUTUBE: YouTube is considered to be the second largest search engine after Google. The user experience of YouTube is something which we can not get in any other application right now. YouTube also allows its users to earn money by monetizing their YouTube channel. YouTube is owned by Google so it's obvious that it'll also has same strict policies. However, the videos which are published by users on YouTube are being checked manually by some officials in order to confirm whether the respective video is copied or not.

Having said that doesn't mean that everything is fine in YouTube. Bots control the Adsense impressions and clicks which arises the same problem like Adsense.

Not only that, according to YouTube new policy, if any channel will be caught against YouTube terms and policies, the respective channel will be removed from 'RECOMMENDED VIDEO' category and also that video will not be shown to any of the users, no matter how much that video is matching the users interest. We can't do anything then. Just pray for the bots to work well!

iii) GOOGLE PLAY STORE: Every developer's dream is to get their application published on the Google play store and everything seems fine but then there arrives Google Play terms and policies which rejects APK files in the first turn. Almost 80% of the APKs are being rejected in their first turn by Google because of their strict policies.

The reason which you will get is common for everyone. The reason can be as follows:

i) IMAGE: Image is one of the most useful components in any application and we can easily get them on Google search engine. But according to Google Play policy, using those images in our apps is a thieving because we are using that image without permission of that image owner. This is really weird!

ii) NAMES: You must not use a name which will match the name of any apps on the Google Play Store. In fact, if your app name will match to the name of the other app by 60%, you will get a clear rejection by Google Play.

iii) NO PROMOTION: No person wants to promote any brand or anything for free, but then you will say that why Google reject our application then? Here's the answer!
If you display any brand name or sites or images of those sites in your application (even accidentally), they will consider it as a promotion which is strictly against their policy and thus you will get a rejection!

The very worst part about it is that they have such highly advanced and strict algorithms that you won't be able to fool them. We must have to be careful if we want to work with Google services.

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