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Friday, 2 February 2018



Internet plays a very important in our life and since its birth it had given us many things. The one such thing is applications that we use in our daily life. While many applications are just a converted version of what we use on web but there are also such applications which understand what users want from them and thus they provide users a great experience.


Actually, developers use AI in programming these types of application so that it can help users in the best possible way.

Some application fails to execute the programs while some apps execute that so excellently that not mentioning their names should be considered as injustice. As I am an honest person, so I won't do any injustice. Here are these apps which are AI powered:

i) Gmail:

We all use gmail daily and why not? after all it is the most used mailing service in the world. The reason why I considered gmail in this list because it filters the emails excellently. All the messages which are received by the users are automatically filtered as spam and the interesting fact is that those spam messages are exactly those types of messages which we will mark as spam afterwards.

ii) Microsoft Messenger:

This messenger application from Microsoft is pure genius. It is replacing the default messenger in the Android smartphone because of its simplicity, light weight and intelligence. The intelligence of this application can be understood by the its filtering. Just like gmail application, it also filters unwanted messages and primary messages separately but while using this application you will feel that it is more intelligent than gmail application and understand its user better than gmail.
In the above photo, the application has separated the OTP messages, promotional messages separately.

iii) Microsoft Pix:

We all love to take photos and share it with our friends. This Microsoft Pix help you to take photos without much effort. It is built with some serious intelligence to ensure people and scenes look their best. Having Microsoft Pix app in your smartphone feels like having a pro photographer in your smartphone. This AI powered application is too intelligent to identify the depth of the subject and face of the people to ensure that its users will get excellent photos.

iv) Google Lens:

Google Lens is the application from future. This application allows you to use your smartphone too easily. It is designed to bring up relevant information using visual analysis. For example, when pointing the device camera at a Wi-Fi label containing the network name and password, it will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi source that has been scanned. Also, when directing the camera at an object, lens will attempt to identify the object and show relevant search results and information. Like Bixby Vision(by SAMSUNG), Lens also uses advanced deep learning routines to detect and identify the object which feels good as a user. It is considered as the search engine for smartphone camera.

v) Google Files Go:

This application is specially a file manager which is useful for managing the files, photos and video on our smartphone. The uniqueness of this application is its filtering process. It filters all the files according to our need. This application identify the low resolution pics, memes and duplicate files and then separate it in order to make it easy for us to delete that unwanted files from our phones. This AI powered application is too powerful but is very light weight. Also, you can share files too quickly with this application (faster than ShareIt).
See the above files are filtered separated.

vi) Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most used social media app and that's why to provide its users a great experience, Facebook is powered by AI. It is because of AI that we are able to see the post on Facebook related to our interest. Also the recommended video for us is the video in which we have interest. This application also keeps on learning from the user behaviour to provide them the best result while searching for any stuffs on the Facebook.

vii) Wikipedia:

Wikipedia is the most useful site or application for finding any educational or informational material. Anyone can become the editor of Wikipedia to edit the content written there and so the risk of wrong content is too high. So, for maintaining the legacy of being the best content provider, Wikipedia is powered by AI and that's why it can identify the correct and wrong content provided by any content editor. It is because of its intelligence, we are able to get the best content from it.

viii) YouTube:

YouTube is considered as the second most used Search Engine after Every second thousands of videos are uploaded here and so it can be difficult for the users to get the search related videos and recommended videos easily and here comes the role of AI. It can easily understand your need and provides you the videos related to the need and also recommended videos according to your behaviour.

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That's all. These are the application which are powered by AI which you might not concerned about.

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