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Tuesday, 23 January 2018



WhatsApp, an application which replaced the messenger provided by the mobile manufacturer in our smartphone. We are using WhatsApp everyday since its birth. The addiction towards WhatsApp is so much that a total of 64 Billion messages are sent each day and also 60 million calls are connected each day on WhatsApp. That's nine times the total number of world population!
WhatsApp as wallet

Now while using WhatsApp had you ever thought of using it as your business purpose? Or using it as your Gallery where you can keep all your file safe? I don't think that you had ever thought of it because we all use many wallets in our Android or iOS smartphones to keep our file safe and that do nothing rather than occupying our smartphone's space. Yes, they keep our file safe but at the same time they also occupy our system space.


Well, here's the trick to use WhatsApp as your secret wallet or Galley!

i) Register your number on WhatsApp and make a WhatsApp account. (It is obvious step).

ii) Now that you have made your WhatsApp account, go to the contacts list and create a group on WhatsApp.


iii) Remember that you don't need to add too many people in the group you are creating. Just add one person from your contact list and then remove him/ her.

iv) And you are done. You have created a group of one single person, i.e. YOU. Now, even if you will send any secret file then also it will be safe with you. Moreover, if you want to load it to your desktop, then go to WhatsApp web and open the group from the chat and then download it and save it to your computer.

Here is the most notable point is the safety which WhatsApp will provide you. We all know that WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption, so no one can access to your file which will be stored there.

Many application, now a days, are said to have a privacy issue so many people don't use it to keep their important files and secret files and on the other side, because of end-to-end encryption even Government can't access your files. Also, no hacker can get access to your file on WhatsApp no matter how smart he/she is.

So, it is the most safest and secured way to keep all your file safe online without any worry!

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