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Monday, 8 January 2018



Universe is full of surprises and myths. By word myth, I mean the postulates and theories which are yet to be proved by the physicists. Many of us are studying many unproved theories for a too long time just because it fulfills all the conditions of the derived formula which we human had discovered.



We can consider Big Bang theory as an example which is yet to be proved 100% correct. Scientists are debating on this theory in order to prove it right.  The reason why many consider Big Bang theory as a wrong one because it does not explain the origination of the Universe in a right manner. It only states that our Universe is made up of one single particle and since then it is continuously expanding with the speed greater than the speed of light. 

Wait! Had I just talked about light? 
Oh! Yes. I talked about light. 
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The average speed of light is 300,000 km/second which means that it will reach 18 million km in just a minute. The distance between Earth and the Sun is 149.6 million km so it is obvious that light will reach to us in 8 minutes from the sun. This means that we will never ever see the live sun. What we see is the last past which already been occurred 8 minutes ago on the sun. In fact, we never anything as it is now. We always its past. Considering an object which is at a distance of 10 meters from us, if we see that object then we will see what it was 0.6 micro second earlier. This applies on the Universe too. We see the distant heavenly bodies which is situated at many light years away from us. For example, if we are observing a Proxima Centauri now (the closest star to the Earth after Sun), which is situated at 4.2 light years away from us, then what we will observe the Proxima Centauri of 4.2 years ago.


We can also take another example of Mars and the Earth. NASA's Curiosity Rover which was launched by NASA to discover whether Mars ever supported life. It takes 10 minutes to receive the signals or any images sent by Curiosity Rover from the Mars. This time is too much in this fast developing world.

But do you know that this time delay will be reduced to zero in the coming years? Let me explain how!

I think you have heard about the Wormholes which is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the Universe.

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Scientists had already created an ARTIFICIAL WORMHOLES IN THE LABORATORY but it is way too small. Even smaller than the size of the Nucleus. The life of an Artificial Wormhole is about a one-tenth of a second. This is too small but scientists are working on it in order to increase its lifespan.

Now here comes the main point. If somehow scientists increase the lifespan of these Artificial Wormholes up to 5 seconds then it will be possible to send the signals to distant places in the Universe. Earlier, a great Chinese scientist Michio Kaku teleported an atom from one room to the another and as we know that Light is made up of photons which is a bundle of energy. So, by using that teleportation system we can teleport the signal waves from one place to another. It needs a very complicated setup.

In order to do it practically, we need to set up a teleporting device and a wormholes at the place from where signals will be sent and at the place where we will receive the signals.
Space teleportation is future

The device through which signal will emit will send the signal in the teleportation device which will then sent to the wormhole and then it will be received at the other end in the teleportation device and then it will be transferred to the wormhole which will be received by us. The reason why we have to use both devices is because teleportation of an atom from one place to another will take as much time as it will take light to reach to that place. This is so because teleportation is done by breaking the atom into the binary codes (0,1) and then it is sent as data (which will take same time as light takes). But setting up wormholes in between these two teleporters will definitely reduce the time. I know it will need very high technology but it will be the best possible technique. Even the light coming from billion light years ahead will reach us quickly. The main problem arises here is to setup these machines at billions light years away. It will bring insane revolution in the technology.

 We can only hope for the best. Give your opinion below!

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