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Friday, 19 January 2018



YouTube is one of the most used media site in the world with 1.5 billion active users everyday.
People loves to watch videos there and they share those videos also. It is one of the best stage to show talent to the world which has zero nepotism. On YouTube, everyone starts from zero and they become famous with their talent. There is no one to help on YouTube platform to grow your channel. The only way you can get success on YouTube is by showing your talent.
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Earlier, YouTube's policies about monetizing one's video was not that much strict as it became in 2017. They said that for monetizing the video we need to have 10,000 views on our channel, irrespective of the number of videos but spammers found another way to get their videos monetized. They started clickbait and hence earned money. No matter what type of content they were creating, they always received 10,000 views through clickbait. Due to the lack of quality content on YouTube, many quality advertisers started to ran away from it which proved to be the deal of loss to Google. And what Google did next?

Few days ago, Google announced their new YouTube policy which says the following:

i) A channel must have 4,000+ hours of watch time in order to get monetized.

ii) A channel must have 1,000+ subscribers in order to get monetized.

Now you might be thinking that getting 4,000+ hours of watch time and 1,000+ subscribers is too much but the reality is something else. If your channel will achieve 4,000+ hours of watch time then you will automatically get 1,000+ subscribers.

Lets do simple calculation!

4,000+ hours of watch time means viewers of a certain channel must have seen the videos of that channel for 4,000 hours, i.e. 240,000 minutes. So, if you have a YouTube channel which has 5 minutes long videos(on average), then you will need 48,000 views to complete that certain mark or consider if people watch your video for about 2.5 minutes(that is half of the total duration), then you will 96,000 views to reach that 4,000 hours mark. You have to make sure that you are creating a quality content so that people will enjoy watching it.

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Here are some tips to grow your channel:

i) Keep Patience: You must keep patience because YouTube has given enough time to get 4,000+ watch time on your channel and also to get 1,000+ subscribers. YouTube said that they will count the watch time and number of subscribers of a channel of last 12 months which is good amount of time if your content is good.

ii) Don't add "Subscribe to our channel line": If you go through most of the channels on YouTube, you will observe that they will tell you to subscribe to their channel in the first 20-30 seconds of the video which decrease our interest on that video. So it is highly recommendable to never add these part at the starting of the video. Always add these part at the end so that they will not forget to subscribe and it is also proved that those channels who add these part at the end gains subscribers more rapidly than the channel who don't add.

iii) Stop Click Baiting: Its my humble request to all the content creators of YouTube channel to stop click baiting or "sub for sub" method to get more views and subscribers. Just because of you all, the good content creators are suffering on YouTube. By doing these all, only your channel will suffer. If YouTube will come to know about your spamming process, then your channel can be blocked from YouTube permanently and you can never be able to recover that channel. So, please stop it otherwise YouTube will become more strict and all the new channels will be the sufferer.

iv) Editing: Editing plays a very important in getting more views. I am not telling you to use expensive software to edit your videos but you can represent your video in a very interesting way. Check out the most interesting part of your video and then cut that part and paste it at the starting point of the video. Suppose, your video is vlog which contains an accident between truck and a car. Now, just cut out that small part of the video where accident occurs and paste it at the starting part of your video. It won't let your audience go back from your video because of the suspense you made in it.

v) Niche: To get more and more views on YouTube, make videos on the trending topics. For instance, right now a trending topic is YouTube monetizing policies, so you can make a video on it and if somehow, your video will get trapped in the YouTube Search Engine Algorithm, then you will cross 4,000+ hours of watch time in 2-3 days only. You can also use Google Trends to search the trending topic or just go Google and write "How to", it will show you the trending results.

Remember there's no trick to succeed on YouTube rather than hard-work and passion for work.
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