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Saturday, 27 January 2018


Want to become a developer but facing difficulties? Well its not like that!


With the majority of people get into the internet addiction, more and more applications are required to let these people access to internet with ease. The mindset of the people about being a developer is too mythical. They think that being a developer is too hard as it requires too much knowledge about the coding which is difficult. But.. No!!! Its not like that.

You just need to have little computer knowledge with some programming background. I am writing this article so that you can believe that programming is not that much difficult.
Make apps with ease!

In order to make a basic application, we need to know some basic HTML and CSS programs and should identify the code of the respective section. For example, consider a site Friendotech which has menu in its header, so we must have to identify where is the code of this header. (It will be clear later.)


Now let start the discussion on how to make application!

We all know that a web page is designed with the help of HTML and so here is the process!

i) Consider yourself as a beginner and let us take an example that you have decided to make a browser application. Now, a browser must have a search bar (its mandatory). So go to Google Chrome and search anything and after the opening of the new page, go to the box where we enter URL and then add "view-source". What "view-source" will do is that it will let you to see the whole HTML and CSS code of that particular webpage.

Make apps with ease!
Enter "view-source" there!
Make apps with ease!
You can see the 'view-source- gives us the HTML code of the webpage!

ii) As I mentioned earlier that you must be able to identify the HTML code of the respective section, so after getting the HTML code of the whole webpage, you should identify the HTML code for the search bar and the search button. Now copy that code and paste it in the Notepad for the later use.

iii) Repeat the step (i) and (ii) for each tools you need from the webpage in order to make your browser more responsive.

iv) Now as you get all the HTML codes for your browser, you need to arrange these codes in a well manner to make your application better.

v) Finally, after arranging all these codes, run it once to check whether it is functioning well or not!

vi) After checking them, zip all the HTML files together. Check out this article to know How to zip HTML files: Zip HTML files.

vii) Now we are done. Just upload your zip file to PhoneGap cloud and click on build to run. It will convert your zip file into APK files and then install it in your mobile phone or publish it on the Google Play or App store and earn money.

So that's the simplest way to make an application for the smartphone. Hope you all liked it!

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Good Bye... Cheers!!!

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