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Wednesday, 17 January 2018


          "GALAXY S9"

Its been a long time since we are waiting for the new flagship by SAMSUNG, i.e. Galaxy S9 and S9+ and now the time is almost over. The launching date of Galaxy S9 has been revealed and it is 26th February, 2018. The excitement went to its peak after we heard the launching date of Galaxy S9 and this time it is confirmed by SAMSUNG itself.


As confirmed by many sources, SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 will pack some powerful features which is unavailable on other smartphones.
Galaxy S9 arrived

i) CAT 18/19: Galaxy S9 will be the first smartphone to use Snapdragon 845 processor which offers CAT 18 speeds while other variants of Galaxy S9 will come with Exynos 9810 which will offer CAT 19 speeds. This is so because SAMSUNG's own hardware (processor) will be more optimised with its own software and hence we get more speed.

ii) CAMERA: Galaxy S9 will be the first smartphone to have the f/1.5 aperture in its camera which will give us some mind blowing night (low-light) shots that other smartphones will not offer. It will be using different camera than S8 and so it can record 1080p video @960fps and 4K video @120fps. The Exynos processor (Exynos 9 series) is killing it with its capabilities. Can't imagine how good that will be!

iii) PERFORMANCE: SAMSUNG will launch GALAXY S9 in two variant, Snapdragon and Exynos. Snapdragon 845 will support DynamIQ technology but if somehow Exynos 9810 will support DynamIQ technology, then the Galaxy S9 will clock at 2.9GHz which is excellent. The first rank holder in benchmark score, i.e. iPhone X is clocking at 2.39GHz only. So we can imagine the speed of this upcoming smartphone.

iv) OPTIMISATION: SAMSUNG had launched Galaxy A8 earlier this month and as we have seen it comes new SAMSUNG UI skin, i.e. 9.0 which is too light and is very well optimised. SAMSUNG already resolved their RAM management issues with Note 8 and with S8 as well. S8 kept all the application open in the background with just 4GB of RAM. We can't say that Android is more optimised now because Android was optimised too earlier which can be easily observed in other smartphones which kept all the applications open in the background. The problem with was its heavy bloatware which was using too much RAM but now its fixed and there's no problem in its performance. So there will be no battery drain problem with S9 as Android Oreo will manage it and we will get more smooth experience of SAMSUNG UI.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 and S9+ is going to be one of the best smartphones of 2018 like S8 and Note 8 were in 2017. Also, we can't say anything about its design whether it will look like S8 or will it look more slimmer and bezel less than S8!

Lets hope for the best!
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