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Monday, 1 January 2018


                          DOES SEO REALLY MATTER?

It is 2018. Many people will start their career in blogging with a dream to achieve something big. But, career in blogging is not that easy as it seems. While starting a blog or a website, many people think that their life will be too easy after getting success in blogging, but the main problem all the new bloggers face is to get traffic on their website.


When all the new bloggers start their blog and work on it for almost 2 months, they expect to see the rise in the traffic of their blog. In their own opinion, they had done the best for the ranking of the website on Google, i.e. they used all the SEO tactics to their website, they promoted their website, they created a great and unique content and lastly, they purchased a domain name and applied the SEO friendly templates to their websites but ended up getting very less traffic. Now they start to search for the question: How to increase traffic on my website? and every time they find "Focus on SEO" as their answer. The question arise "DOES SEO REALLY MATTER?"


No! No! No!...
For a new bloggers who have started blogging a month ago or will start a blog this month, they should not give all the focus on SEO. In my opinion, SEO is for all the professional blogger who are very famous and are receiving traffic in thousands or millions. I am not telling that searching for best keywords and making your site optimized for the search engine is not good, but to spend a lot of time on that is not a good thing. Instead of getting busy in these stuffs, we should start to create a back links to our website.

For every new blogger, creating back links to their website will work much better than SEO. To create back link, go to the popular website of your niche and involve in the discussion going on there. The back link you will get from there will help you a lot in increasing the traffic of the web. Every now and then Google change its algorithm to rank the website and by the time we come to know about their new algorithm, they change it again. So, we can't say the exact process to get ranked on the search engine quickly. For your kind information, by the time you read this line, 30 websites had been created and 65% of the total web searches are done on Google. So, to handle these much high traffic on the web Google continues to make changes in their algorithm to rank the site so that the user can get the best possible result while searching for the information.

The bitter truth about the blogging is, no matter how well you optimize your website but at the end of the day if you are not getting the traffic from the back links then it will take very much time to succeed as a blogger. 

Also, promoting on social media won't help you much because of the spam detection algorithm on social sites like Facebook or Twitter. The reason why I mentioned spam detection is because for promoting your blog we need to comment down the link in the comment section of the page related to our niche, and excessive commenting of these links to the comment section will make you a spammer. Its not the mistake of Facebook or Twitter that they will mark us as a spammer as they need to take this action to make their site free of spammers.



First thing which all the new bloggers do is to purchase a domain name from good and trusted registrars like Blue Host, Huge Domains, Go Daddy or A2 Hosting. Choosing these registrars wisely will help you get the full customer service. Choose domain name which are easy to understand, short and unique with .com extension because people can easily remember it and .com is like a trend now a days. Having a good hoster and a unique domain  name will help you a lot in ranking your website.

Next best thing you can do is to get involved in the topic discussion on the famous different blog. And instead of sharing or promoting your blog on Facebook or twitter we sharing these on This site is all about Q/A and nothing else. Do you know on an average a new Quora reader can have 10k views on their answer. So Quora is also a very good platform to promote your blog.

Start some giveaways to attract visitors and gain your subscribers through this. Like many Youtube channels, you can start giveaways for the visitors and can gain your traffic. Also, word of Mouth has the best power of advertisement which no other websites or Advertisement can do so easily. Just create a story about your website and act as if you are also a visitors of that site so that people will think that you are telling them about different website and will believe in your rumors. This will help a lot.

Never forget to write the search description in your blog. While searching for the result, Google look for the search description to provide the result in order to provide the matching result to the users.

So, these are the factors which can affect your rankings on the search engine. Instead of spending time on SEO, we should focus on these things to get more organic traffic to our site.

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