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Friday, 5 January 2018


                    "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE"

We are living in the world where everything is developing at a very rapid rate. Everything is evolving according to become stable in the future. Be it human, machines, technology and many other things. Well, human beings are living on the Earth for six million years but the modern form of humans evolved about 200,000 years ago. After that, the development took place at a very fast rate.

There are not enough time to discuss whole period. So, coming to the point of modernization.
Our technology went through so many changes in these periods and now we are lucky enough that we are experiencing these modern technologies. We don't know whether these technology will be good or bad for us but at least we can enjoy them at present without any worry.

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Nowadays, many smartphone companies or chipset manufacturers have AI as their main focus. They are programming the software and manufacturing the processor which will let us to experience the best of AI. At present, we use our mobile phones for each and every task we need to do online or offline or as our daily driver. Tech-giants are targeting to introduce dedicated chipset in many smartphones in 2018 as we don't have any smartphones with dedicated AI chips except Huawei Mate 10 Pro which has Kirin 970 AI chips. It works excellently. This dedicated chip helps the smartphone in many areas like clicking the perfect images, differentiating between the human, animals and other thing. Also, it helps in differentiating between the text and area without text on a sheet just in a second. Availability of this chip made the smartphones more intelligent than before and company claimed that these smartphones will keep on learning new and different things as we use them.

Since, Apple launched iPhone with Siri (4th October, 2011) as its virtual assistant everything has changed. After Apple launched Siri, Microsoft launched Cortana (4th April, 2013) and then Google launched Google Assistant (May, 2016) and these all assistant changed the world of AI. They made our smartphones a better friend, i.e. they can think like us, they can decide what is correct and what is wrong.

These are different things but do you know that we experience AI in our daily life. Lets get through it!




Yes, you heard that right. You might have observed while using your updated keyboard in your smartphones that it adjusts its letters after we put a full stop(.) in the line. Not only that, if you are using Google Keyboard, SAMSUNG or iPHONE's keyboard you will observe that it will give you the best possible word which will suit your line the most. It clearly means that these keyboards can also think itself as we humans can (in terms of writing).


If you are using the latest smartphones, then it must have 'Auto Brightness Mode'. After turning it on,
we don't have to adjust the brightness of the screen manually. The intelligence of the smartphone does it by itself. The screen brightness tends to its full brightness when we use our smartphone in direct sunlight (or high intensity light) and tends to  its low brightness when we use our smartphone in the low light (or dim light) which helps us to use the mobile phones without any problem. It is one of the best example of AI because all the operations are occurs just through the mobile screen.


Believe it or not! But it is one of most unseen experience of AI which we experience daily. Earlier, we used to be punctual to remove the charger from our smartphones when it get charged to 100% because of the fear of losing the battery life of our smartphones. But, now our smartphones are intelligent enough to stop taking the power in it when it get fully charged. Our smartphone became punctual to turn off the connection between it and the charger. I think in future there will be a technology to turn off the switch after our smartphones will get fully charged.

iv) E-MAIL!

On average, a person receives 121 e-mails and almost 21 e-mails are spam. We don't need to categorize these spam mails in our mail account. They get categorized by themselves and get saved to spam folders in G-Mail or any other mailing site which you use. Ever thought that how they work and categorized in the separate folder? Actually, its a simple example of AI. The bots which crawls our email inbox are made to identify these spam mails on their own. Other than that, if we mark any mails as spam, then we won't be able to see any mails of those types. These bots are replacing the human intelligence in human's email accounts only. Sounds interesting!


I know website search is all about algorithm of search engines and Google mastered it. However, it should be considered as AI. After all, all the AIs are also a programming and the website algorithm is also a programming. Whenever we search for some information on Google, we get the best results first which is followed by less best results. Just like human recommend something best to their friends, search engine are also intelligent enough to understand what we actually need and they provide us the best. Also, if we enter wrong question, search engines automatic do a correction in it and provide us the results what we actually want.


We travel daily from one city to another and we board local trains. The doors are so well programmed that they understand the minimum time which will be taken by humans to get into the train. Also, if anything remains on the path of the door or if we keep our feet on the path of the door (no matter intentionally or accidentally), these doors don't close. It is the perfect example of commanding and executing the program.


We fill the online application every now and then. We fill these forms while applying for some jobs, while registering for any advertisement network for online earnings and many other sectors. When we fill our information, our browser keeps on learning what we type in those forms. After they complete their learning process, they become ready to fill any forms on their own. They just ask for our permissions and they form each and every vacant places in the forms with right information. It's a very unique piece of AI.

viii) YouTube, SPOTIFY!

Whenever we scroll down the home page of YouTube or Spotify, we find that those videos (or songs) which we listen the most or had listened few moments earlier are there in the recommended videos. They get to know about our choices by learning it. These apps also recommend us those video genres (or songs) which we generally see. We can't say it is the best example for AI but it is an example though!


We all are familiar with Google Home which makes our home a smarter and better place to live. It is generally a speaker and voice Assistant. It will play the music which we want, control our home and give the answers to all the questions we ask. Using it feels like we have a home which works automatically. Like Google Home, we also have Amazon Echo which is also works like Google Home. Recently, I read the tweet in which a lady described the conversation between these two AI  in her home and she got scared after hearing them talking suddenly. Seems like future is becoming present steadily!

So, these are the common use of AI in our daily life and surely we will get the most advanced version of it in our near future. We are too lucky to live in the era of beta AI (which means under development AI). There are many other examples of AI like super cars, security surveillance, news generation and other stuffs but they aren't mentioned them because people don't use them in their day to day life.

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