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Thursday, 11 January 2018


Apple! Apple! Apple!..
This name alone was used to be the presentation of supremacy and quality. Till the second quarter of 2017, Apple didn't suffered any types of bugs in their software. But just after the launch of iOS 11 and iPhone X it seems like someone is having bad eye on Apple.


Even after claiming A11 Bionic to be the fastest smartphone chip ever, iPhone 8, 8+ and X lost the speed test battle to Android smartphones like Galaxy Note8, One Plus 5 or 5T as many application closed down in the background which shows poor RAM management. After that also we believed that Apple will comeback strongly after new update of iOS, i.e. iOS 11.0.1 and will fix all the RAM management issues, but the things were seemed to be getting worse for Apple. Their new update of iOS started to consume more battery and more RAM while running the application which obviously will not increase the speed of the iPhones or will improve the RAM management. However Apple accepted the fact that their new update was intentionally slowed down iPhones and promised that they will improve it.

And guess what next? The next will surprise you!

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iPhone 8

Recently, many people reported that new iOS update 11.2.2 had slowed down the iPhone performance by 50%. This means if total time taken by all the apps to open is 2mintutes then it might have increased to 4minutes or on an average 4seconds per apps. These time in seconds might be seeming too small to us but its actually too much for an OS like iOS which is considered to be the most lighter OS on smartphone. Just because of new iOS updates, iPhones are getting slow and heated up which results in mobile explosion. Two days ago, iPhone exploded in the hand of one person. It is not the first case, iPhone 8's display panel left the circuit board of the smartphone because its battery swelled.
iPhone battery Explode

The problem to Apple was not related to iOS only, it came a long way from iOS to MacOS. According to recent reports, new MacOS bug unlocks App Store with any random password. You might be thinking "What the hell? The company which gained its reputation for providing the most secured OS to its users is suffering with this issue!" But this is what users have complained.

If these issues will continue as it is going now, Apple might have to suffer a lot! Hope Apple fix these issues in order to get back its original position in the international market.

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