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Sunday, 21 January 2018


Are you an Android user? Congrats! You are damn too lucky!

Are you an iPhone user? Sorry! But you'll have to wait till all the things will come to its original place.


The reason why I introduced these two questions at the starting of the article is because of the problems that iOS users are facing since last year. The last year version of iOS (i.e. iOS 11) is considered to most buggy iOS update which Apple had provided to their users till date.

Few years earlier, many users had reported that with iOS 11.2 update is draining battery life so rapidly and slowing down their iPhone to 50%. Considering the fact that Apple had claimed that they are slowing down their devices intentionally to make users upgrade to their new iPhone.

Remember the time when first iOS was launched and was loved by all the users at that time because of its innovation, speed and optimization which iOS was providing to its users. Every year Apple launch a new version of iOS and expect to provide their customer an excellent service but this year they miserably failed. The bugs in the Apple's iOS 11 are claimed to be the most than any other version. They have added many features in their OS but failed keep the new OS at the peak.

Few days back many people took the support of Reddit to complain about the iOS bugs. According to them, when they use their mobile phone, their smartphone overlays one word on other which makes it quite uncomfortable to read. When they opened the Apple app store, they noticed this problem occurring in their smartphone.

Another one is from home screen. While scrolling left to right on their smartphone, users noticed that the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. It can be seen in the image below:
We can see in the above photo that the menu bar is hidden to some extent. This is something what we haven't seen on our smartphone.

A yet another unexpected issue which iPhone user found on their smartphone is their contact list. The contact app in iOS 11 shows the only alphabetical word "a". Does Apple wants to show their favorite alphabet in iOS 11 contact list, i.e. 'A'.


Apple must look after all these issues to provide their customer a best support. You might be thinking that why I am talking about these issues too much. Its because I've been experiencing iOS since 2012 and never felt any lag so far in these years but with iOS 11 I suffered a lot. The battery is draining is too quickly. I charge my phone at 6:00 AM and have to recharge it again at 1:00 PM.

Hope Apple will review their new OS.

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