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Saturday, 23 December 2017


We live in the world where the technology overshadowed the human beings. Technology had overshadowed us in such a way that in now a days, even two humans can not communicate with each other without being disrupted by their SMARTPHONES. This mania is not going to decrease because the number of SMARTPHONES are increasing day by day. We can imagine the impact of the SMARTPHONES by looking at the numbers of smartphones sold in the last year. Around 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. That's a huge number! I think almost all the readers here are students and they might get scolded by their parents every time their parents see that their child is using a SMARTPHONE. If I am not wrong, then all the parents say the same word- "Throw this mobile outside. It will destroy you." But its not like that. Almost nothing will exist if SMARTPHONES WILL DISAPPEAR SUDDENLY! So, let get started.




This is the most important part in our life, COMMUNICATION. Without communicating, we can't do anything or can't run any administration.

 Here, I am not talking about the call or messages, I am talking about the advanced communication which is possible only because of the SMARTPHONES.

People now a days don't want carry Laptops with them because they are bulky, so they use their smartphones for mailing, communicating through a video call (for which we have to connect our PC with webcam), Bio-metric Attendance (which even Laptops can't do) and many other stuffs.

ii) LOSS!

Yes! You heard it right. There will be the huge loss in the international market. The loss here is not only for the smartphones manufacturers, the loss here is for many telecom companies which run because of the mobile phones.

 Basically, we are talking about the smartphones and not about the whole mobile phones which do not run on Android or iOS. Do you know that wireless telecom spending worldwide is 844 billion USD with over 7.74 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. That's huge and we can't imagine the loss which all the telecom will suffer because of the disappearing in the smartphone. 

Also, companies like Qualcomn, TSMC will suffer a huge loss because of these as they won't be able sell the their chip set to any manufacturers. But, the main loss will be for the companies like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YAHOO, MICROSOFT. 

80% of the total search on GOOGLE are done by the smartphones, 56.5% of the total FACEBOOK login done by smartphones. I think only these two stats are enough to show the loss which these companies will face.


It is obvious. After the humanity stop to manufacture smartphones, there will be huge loss for the company and it will led to the rise of unemployment. 

Even though many big companies like SAMSUNG, NOKIA, BLACKBERRY will continue to manufacture the multimedia phones but the employers who are currently working on the smartphones will become unemployed.

Many companies like APPLE, Mi, HTC will be vanished because they produce only smartphones and not the multimedia phones. Millions of people will be unemployed and many small workers will die because of hunger and starvation.


Well, it will be the most disastrous impact which will happen. Now a days, many government policies are based online. Policies like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Digital India which are one of the famous programs in the world which is launched for the country.

Digital India and Make in India are the programs which are based on the digitalisation of the country and smartphones are the most important factors in this. Other major programs in the developing countries are also based on digitalisation of the country.

Billions of dollars had been spent by the government of the developing country to develop their respective country digitally and the disappearing of the smartphones will ruin everything which are planned by the government. This will push all the developing countries to the misery because these countries will be indebted to the company who has spent a lot of money in developing them.

v) e- WASTE!

This will be the first thing which will benefit the mankind. If we do not use the smartphones, we will be 56 million tons of e-Waste every year. It is estimated that e-Waste will increase by 33% by the end of this year, which means that from 56 million tons it will increase to 74 million tons.

About half of the e-Waste comes because of smartphones and they will be vanished if we don't use them. 

We can imagine of a world with almost 65% less e-Waste than now. At least half of the pollution will be deleted from the world because of this.


Even after these many things, our parents advice us to not to use smartphones for too long. Next time if they will tell you something, show them these impact which may happen. They will feel guilty. ;)

So these things may happen if "SMARTPHONE WILL DISAPPEAR". 

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