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Monday, 11 December 2017


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At present, there are billions and trillions of WEBSITES on the internet. Many are informational sites which provides us information about many useful things, while some are the entertaining sites which make us entertain by sharing jokes, movies download links, music links and many more. These are the SITES which are hosted by some servers or purchased by the owner of that site. These sites are generally programmed in a simple manner so that we can enjoy its user friendly UI. These are hosted by some best site hosting companies like ipageA2 hostingHostGator and many other web hosting services. The owner of a certain domain name pays some amount of money to these networks and they host owner's SITES and owner of the site does not have to worry about any coding or programming. They only have to customize and manage their sites. But there are some sites which are programmed and customized in such a way that will blow your mind. Today, you will see the 5 most amazing WEBSITESwhich will leave you speechless. So, let's get started!


Some amazing websites are made to make us shocked. These are some sites which will shock you just after you enter it. 

i) ZOOMQUILT: This website is designed in such a complex way that will make you out of words. When you will visit this website, just after a few second you will observe a picture whose resolution is infinite megapixels. This picture will continue to zoom in and will never stop. After each 8-10 seconds interval, a new image will arrive and it will continue to do so for the next 8 million years. It means that you will need 8 million years to see all the images which is present in this AMAZING WEBSITE and the amazing fact is that you will never get any repeated images. Too weird. Well, another four are yet to come. Let's see how complex they are going to be!

ii) ESSAY TYPER: Another AMAZING WEBSITE with amazing programming. The programming done in this website is so complex that even many of the high level programmers unable to understand the pattern of the programming. After entering into this WEBSITE, you will get a box where you have to type any topic name on which you want to write an essay. After deciding the topic, click 'OK' and you are done. After clicking 'OK', this site will take you to the new page where you will get a heading of the essay and blank space below. Just stretch your finger for some relief and attack on the keyboard. No matter which alphabet letter you will press on the key, this site will write all the essays in an excellent way. This WEBSITE will definitely help all the school students who get essay writing as their homework or assignment. Congrats! You are very close to get a maximum marks in your class.


iii) POINTER POINTER: Ever heard of a human or software, who can predict that in which direction you are going to point after few second. I don't think that you know anyone who can do this. But, this AMAZING WEBSITE is one of them. Just after you enter into this site, you have to move your cursor anywhere on the screen and click on your selected area. After clicking, you will see that a person (human) is pointing (with his/her finger) on that area where you clicked. Every time you will click, a random image will come out. You will never find any repeated images, irrespective of your click. We can not even imagine the programming which is done in developing this site. This site is a perfect example of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Hats off to the developers!!!


iv) HACKING DETAILS: This site is designed in such a way that you will find each and every hacking operations performed by Black hat hackers. You can easily observe each and every locations in the world where hackers are trying to access other person's information illegally. The programming is still a mystery for all the web designers. Almost each and every Black hat hackers try to pass over this website. This website can get access to every hackers location without their information. Don't know how SITE's developers made it so powerful that it can never be hacked and also get all the information of all the hackers. 

v) HAUNTED: This AMAZING WEBSITE don't have any specified name and it looks so haunted, so I named it 'HAUNTED'. When you will visit this website, you will notice some codes written on the home page, and you will also see the heading. After clicking on the heading you will be redirected to another page where you will observe some pattern. Then, you will observe some codes (mantras) which is said to be linked by some paranormal activities. I'll never recommend you to visit this site anytime. Well, its 12 AM here and my hands are shaking a bit because I'm bit scared. If you want to visit this site, then click the 'HAUNTED' word and you will be redirected there.

So that was the five most weird websites which will shock you definitely. You should visit all the WEBSITES once to know how wonderful they are, except the last one. The last website which I mentioned above seems to have many secret codes, and on reading them can create some problems to you for which you will be responsible only. So I personally don't recommend it. Share it!
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