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Sunday, 3 December 2017


WE all use smartphones, tabs, PC or laptops in our daily life. Some of us use cheap devices while other use expensive one. The expensive devices has more features which is needed to become your daily personal assistant, like Siri, Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant in our smartphones. Now a days, Google assistant is available on every ANDROID device, but the difference between other device and the Google Pixel AI is that it is directly been offered by the GOOGLE. They are the smartphones and are made to do their work to the perfection. But we are humans, and we are made to make mistakes because we humans learn from our mistakes. So lets talk about those small mistakes which we do in our daily life, but can suffer us a lot. Lets get started!

android bugs


i) While using our smartphones, what we usually do is we always clear all the applications which runs in the background. By doing this, usually we think that now my device will run very fast without hanging and lagging. But the fact is it does not affect anything on our Android and our device will continue to lag or hang (if you are using device with very heavy UI). Not all mobile phones lag while using them, but after a year or two, device start to lag when we do not provide our device enough internal memory. In fact, after clearing all the applications from the background, our device has to reload all the applications again which will consume more battery and efficiency of the processor. As a result, we will observe the increase in battery drainage after 9-10 months. So don't do this and let Android do its work. The latest Android Oreo (Nougat too) comes with very excellent optimization which will hibernate all the background applications if it will be kept open for too long. Our Android is so smart. You all might be thinking about IOS, the reason I've not mentioned IOS here because its already optimized insanely and we do not have to worry about cleaning the applications.

ii) While using our Laptops, we usually use it while charging it. Yes! I know that LAPTOPS these days designed in such a way that it disconnects to the power itself after getting fully charged. Also the Lithium Ion batteries now a days are very intelligent and charges itself at a very rapid rate from 20% to 95% and remains at 99% till the charger gets disconnected. As this failure in the battery power is very slow process, so we always neglect it. The most possible reason why Laptops battery starts to fail by using it while charging is due to heat which is produced by the electric current. Even if cooling fan will get started, the heating which is getting transferred to the battery and the device can't be cooled down. Remember one thing, battery is not a pure metal which can be cooled down just by cooling fan, it is its ions which help the battery to get charged. So try not to use your LAPTOPS while charging it and same incidents takes place in case of mobile phones.

iii) Never use your Laptops or Computers by placing it on bed or any other soft places like sofa or foam. They usually don't do anything but don't let the hot air to escape properly which cooling fan
blows out from Laptops. Also these foams are compressible and obstruct the ventilators from where hot air are released. Almost 80% to 85% of warm air which are blown out by the cooling fans get absorbed by the foams of the sofa or the cushions of the bed. The heat which get absorbed by these materials heat the entire Laptops and the purpose of giving cooling fans in the Laptops will be of no work. This can heavily affect your GPU and CPU performance, which will be very noticeable. These mistakes are usually done by the users when they are going to sleep at night and are willing to do some works before sleeping. Instead of using Laptops on the soft places, use it on the wooden table because wood is very poor conductor of heat. Remember don't use Laptops on the steel or glass table too because the result will be same as in the case of foams or cushions.

iv) Sometimes we install too many applications on our Android smartphone which is having 1 GB of RAM only. Android needs more than 1 GB of RAM to work smoothly with 10 or more heavy applications. If we leave mobile phones with Stock Android, almost all the mobile phones arrive in the market with their own brand UI. By providing UI, it is obvious that mobile manufacturers will give their own applications in their mobile phones which can never be uninstalled or disabled. So when we install many heavy applications in our device, they will consume the device RAM, no matter if you are using it or not. This will let your Android device to lag very soon. Even if you transfer these applications to your external storage, they will continue to consume your RAM even if you are not using them. The heating issue are very common because of this. I've suffered a lot because of this. You can keep backup of these files before uninstalling these applications and can use them whenever you need to use it. By doing so your mobile memory and RAM will not get consumed.
laptop mistake

v) Lastly most common mistakes we usually do is we charge our Android smartphones (fast charging) with another charger with less power. This will only heat your device and will not charge your device at a normal rate. As mobile phones with fast charging usually have higher capacity battery, which usually starts at 2800 mAh, so it is obvious that it will need more power to charge and providing them low power will heat up the device and affect the device CPU performance. (I have mentioned Android device here because Apple devices usually don't support fast charging. Only Iphone X supports fast charging and we have to pay $40 extra for that.)

So these are the mistakes which we usually do in our daily life and can affect our devices too much.

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