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Thursday, 28 December 2017


Yesterday, a news arrived about the issues on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8. The users complained about the device that they are not able to charge GALAXY NOTE 8 after using it and
depleting its battery life to 0%. The reports says that the mobile phone is getting heated up and is not charging after using it. The NOTE 8 is one of the best mobile phones of 2017 and is the pride of SAMSUNG.
However, SAMSUNG haven't commented on this issue till now, so it is believed that it might be the rumors that are spread by some peoples. It's not confirmed yet about the news, even though if this problem occurs in your smartphones then here are possible reasons and solutions.NOTE 8/SAMSUNG


Every smartphones have to die some day, no matter whether it is $200 or $1000! But what happened with GALAXY NOTE 8 might be the disappointing moment for its user after paying $940. This might be reason for the problems!


Now a days, almost every charger comes with a USB cable and an adapter. Also, USB-C is common in every Android flagship smartphones at present. It is the most easiest way to charge any smartphones but it has some demerits. The vacant space in the USB cable can be responsible for the issue which some NOTE 8 users are facing now. As the USB cable consists of four wiring connections, (which end up with a zinc or copper strips) if any one of them will loose the connection then the mobile phones may not charge. According to survey, out of 1000 chargers which mobile companies manufactures 4 chargers are defective. So, considering that the number of users who complained are very less and the defective ratio this issue is practically possible.


Another common and most widely known problem which may be there due to which your smartphone is not charging is the "Battery Problem". Many companies now a days focus on the fast charging and wireless charging to attract more customers towards them. In order to provide fast charging technology, manufacturers are forgetting that fast charging decrease the battery life more quickly than the normal charging and customers also wants to get their mobile phones charged as quickly as possible.

It may happen that fast charging technology degraded your battery life and your battery died and is not charging now.


At present, almost every issues arise in the smartphones are resolved by the software updates. We can see the case of Pixel 2. Pixel 2 users faced many problems while using the device but Google resolved all those issues just by software updates. Even the screen burn in was resolved by software updates on Pixel 2. So, this might happen that your mobile is not getting charged because of software issue. Sometimes our mobile phone's software don't work properly and don't let the capacitors to store the charge which arise the problems. Software may not let all the applications to hibernate or sleep in the background which in turn absorbs all the battery life and creates problems. So, it'll be good for us and SAMSUNG to wait and fix the issues properly.

USB cables solutions

Sometimes, we use different cables to charge our mobile phones when our original cables get lost. Ordinary cables are not designed in such a way so that it can provide the mobile phones a sufficient power to charge. You are too lucky that your mobile phones are not being heated up or didn't exploded till now with that cable. In many cases, users have to lose their mobile phones because of these ordinary cables. These cables can't be used for transferring the data from mobile phones to computers or laptops. It is recommended to not to use different cheap cables which are available in the market; it can cost you to too much if you have high budget smartphone.

That's all! These are the only problems which may affected the GALAXY NOTE 8 charging. If you didn't have any of these issues then your smartphone will not be affected. Reports are not confirmed that these issues has been observed actually. These complains might be the rumors which are spread to defame SAMSUNG.

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