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Saturday, 2 December 2017


Password is the main ingredients in our life. The PASSWORD are those words which prevent almost all the stuffs of our life. We use PASSWORD in almost every applications. The social media and our mail account is one of them. PASSWORD is also used in many of the apps lock application. However, those PASSWORDS do not matter much for cyber security as these are the PASSWORDS which are stored only in our mobile phones. But the main problems which really make us tensed is the online PASSWORD. The PASSWORD which we use on our social media accounts and mail accounts. In recent years, cyber crime has been taken to another level by hackers.
So to know how do they attack and how to resolve those, lets get started.


While using social media or using mail account, you may have noticed many advertisements which offers you a trick, (i) to become rich, (ii) to invest money and you will get very high interest rate, (iii) to get many followers by logging your instagram id or twitter id here, and many more offers. These are the offers which will force many users to login into their own made website and the first and last one is the one which every users will want to experience. Its normal human nature that will compel any users to join the offers of getting more money or more followers for twitter and instagram (just to show others that they have too huge followers!). Nothing happens when you click that link to enjoy those exciting offers. Now you may have noticed that those sites always show a pop-up which shows a message "Login with your Instagram"(in case of twitter, Login with twitter). After you login, they get access to your account and hence get all your password and details about you. The hackers or webmasters always try their best to use your personal details to earn some profits. Suppose they looted you, and you reported a FIR against them, and if CYBER POLICE somehow caught them then they are not being arrest by the police. Instead, the CYBER POLICE branch recruit them for the work in the police department which is not a justice to those who suffered due to those HACKERS. You won't believe me but I have seen many cases where many people loose their hard earn money which they had deposited to secure their future and at last they die because of depression and all. Not every time people loose their hard earned money to HACKERS, they loose their money when they get fooled by fake calls. Some receive fake calls in the name of any famous banks. These fake callers gets your bank details, account numbers and mail id from many other sites and try to convince you as if they are the real officers working in the bank. Some people who don't know much about these cyber crimes or the one who want to get much money in less duration of time are usually get suffered. Once you will tell them your account PIN number, they will drop your call and after that you should forget about your valuable hard earned money. There is one more process through we can loose our data. KEYSTROKE LOGGING is one of the most dangerous tools used by many hackers. Physical key loggers usually looks like Pen Drive. So if any person intentionally wanted to access all your data, he/she can plugin that and can get each and every details of what you typed. Thi tool can also be installed in your computers. This generally occurs if you use borrowed computers.  It can get downloaded to your computers accidently. Every key stroke will be recorded there and at last he/she can finally get access to all your data. Interesting fact is that you won't be able to know about the tool and secretly it will do its work. Now the point is how to resolve these big problems so that we can prevent our accounts and will not get suffered online.


cyber attack

If you are using internet everyday, every time, you must have seen many advertisements about the website which keeps all your passwords safe and secure. Most of the sites are fraud and do fake promises regarding your password protection. I have gone through many sites, but only 2-3 sites are trustworthy. One is PASSPACK. This sites keeps all your data and PASSWORDS safe. Because of strong client encryption, your PASSWORD will never be accessible to anyone except you. It helps you in managing all your passwords. The other one which I trust is, PASSWORD SAFE. It is also the same tool as PASSPACK. It will also let you to secure all your PASSWORD safe and encrypted. The third party encryption is not available here, which will help you in securing the password safe from all other third parties. One thing which is different from PASSPACK is that this site allows you to create a master password which will be one single password and will let you to access all your account very easily. The last one is KeePass Password Safe. This also works like PassPack. The only difference which separate this from other is that it is an OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. However, this site says that it is encrypted and let you to check its encryption programming. But in my opinion it may not be too safe as compared to the above two. If I will be asked for recommendation, I will recommend PASSWORD SAFE because of the ease it offers to its users of getting access to all their accounts by just single login. Now to secure your data from key loggers, this is what you should do:

i) Check your keyboard and monitor every now and then because if someone connect keyloggers, they will connect it there only. In order to ensure security, you must do this.

ii) Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date. Always choose your anti-virus software very carefully, like Kaspersky, Norton security, Avast security, Quick heal, McAfee. More than physical key loggers, software key loggers are dangerous. They can record all your key strokes and you will not able to find its location too. However, sometimes being not updated can help you. For example, this year when whole world was suffering from cyber attacks on their ATM machines, India did'nt suffered from it only because India's ATMs were too behind of the latest technology updates which whole world were using. Not all times this works!

iii) Never ever!! I repeat never ever type your username and passwords of your bank accounts, facebook accounts, gmail accounts in any other user computers. Most of the times users enter their username and passwords in the Cyber cafe to enjoy high speed internet. Not all the Cyber cafe but some Cyber cafe manager might be curious in getting access to your account.

iv) Lastly, always use two steps verification. By using it what happen is that even if your password and username will be known by the person who want to access to your account, will have to enter the OTP (one time password) which will be impossible for them. 

{By the way if you want to spy your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can install key loggers in their computers secretly! :D )

27,482 cases of Cyber crime were recorded this year. This is huge! Remember you are your own Police and Security guard...

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