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Thursday, 14 December 2017


IT is the last month of 2017 and this year we have seen too much competition in the technology development. SAMSUNG launched GALAXY S8, NOTE 8; APPLE launched IPHONE X; GOOGLE launched Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL and many other companies launched some of the most promising products. Launching the mobile phones do not make worth using it, but the software on which it runs do. There are more 2 billion monthly active Android users in the world, while it is 1 billion for IOS. Every operating system feels good to the users because they provides us millions of applications or games to use. There are many applications which feels good to use, but there are some applications which have different concept to attract the Android users. Here are the 'MUST HAVE ANDROID APPS' which we should experience before 2017 ends. Lets get started!


i) OX Locker: If you are a big fan of IPHONE X, then this ANDROID APPS is for you. It does not only provide you a IPHONE X lock screen, but also let you experience LG G5 lock screen. With this application, you can fully customize your phone's lock screen. It also let you to lock the screen by tapping it (double tap), which means that you don't have to download a particular application for locking the screen by double tap. It has ipanel, which IPHONE users experience in their device. I have been using this application since one week. If you will not use it, you may miss one of the best lock screen of 2017.

ii) TEXT REPEATER: Ever received a message on WHATSAPP, with nothing but only filled with hundreds and thousands of emoji? I am sure you must have received many messages and also wanted to create one but as we all are lazy, so we don't create these types of messages and forget our thought later. This application is for all those lazy person, who wants to be crazy. Just download it and start creating messages which contains thousands of emoji. You only have to type a letter or emoji once and set the number of repeats; this ANDROID APP will create the message for you. You can set the number of line to repeat also. It has very nice and clean UI and you will never regret for installing this.
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iii) SPLIT LENS 2: We all have seen a movie where the actor/actress does double role character which is quite complex to shoot, but the whole movie team work very hard to entertain us. They invest too much in the editing and it is not possible for us to invest that much money. Just like that, this application let us to cloning ourselves. It enables you to produce easy and prefect incredible photo and the quality of the results of this ANDROID APP overwhelm other app's outcome. Though it can not give a perfect result like movies give us, but yes you can at least satisfy yourself and your followers on social media. This ANDROID APP also allows you to create illusions which will be very hard to notice. 

iv) DIRECT CHAT: We all have used Facebook Messenger (Messenger lite) app which allows us to create CHAT HEADS so that we can chat with our friends as well as we can use other applications too. This facility is not in Whatsapp or any other chatting apps. This AMAZING APP let users to experience the ease of chatting with friends with its chat heads. It let you manage all your chats at one place. It comes with 20 messengers support by default. Also if you don't want to get noticed on Whatsapp or any other apps, you can use this app to send the message without being noticed. It is a must download application which consumes less amount of storage and RAM.

v) AUTO RESPONDER: Sometimes we feel upset or annoyed and don't want to chat with anyone but at the same time many of our friends or relatives message us and want a quick reply and we all be like "what to do now"? Well.. here is the solution. This application will send them messages in your absence and your friends or relatives will be happy for your quick reply. The only work which you have to do is to command the messages for its respective questions and this app will do the remaining work for you. I don't think it will be difficult for anyone to command the messages. It will be very helpful for anyone who is very busy in his/her life.

vi) GROUP LINKS FOR WHATSAPP: Internet can be very useful tool if used properly. We always search for jokes, inspirational videos, memes, educational stuffs online on many different sites. But instead of searching for all these things online, we can have these stuffs on Whatsapp. Yes, you heard it right! There are over 1.3 billion monthly active users on Whatsapp and millions of Whatsapp groups in the world. Many groups based on education, many based on jokes, many on memes and many more. We can not join all the groups at the same time because we don't have the Whatsapp link to join those and this ANDROID APP will help you in joining the group you wanted to join. You can share your group link and at the same time you can join many groups without registering your phone number in this application. Isn't it crazy?

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vii) APPS FREE: There are about millions of APPS on the Google Play store, many are free but many are paid apps too. The paid apps are the best version which any developers can offer us. Its so because in using paid apps, we will not get any ads while using the app. Many paid versions are too costly that we deny to buy it even if we want that application. Apps Free is that application which will allow you to use the paid version of any application for free, but for the limited period of time. Also by turning the notification ON, you will miss any updates for the free apps. Download this APP and enjoy!

viii) OPEN TALK: Everyone wants to be social and make friends. We usually make friends on Facebook, Instagram but those friends are limited to text messages. Even though Facebook provides messenger call, we don't talk to unknown friends on call. But this ANDROID APP let us to make friends on call around the world. Interesting fact about this APP is, this APP don't take your mobile number to get you registered. Every time you will make a call, this APP will ask the topic on which you want to talk and will select your calling accordingly. Don't wait.. Just go and download this app and make new friends around the world.
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ix) BOTTLED: Ever wanted to feel like you are lost in middle of the sea and you received a bottle with a message in which someone has written a message. That will be very cool. Bottled allows you to send the message in the bottle which will float through the sea to any place and will be received by anyone in any country. You just have to type the message in the bottle and throw it in the sea. This app also let you to read the messages which you will receive from other corners of the world. One who will receive your message can keep it with him/her or can release it so that other people will get your message. You can chat with the person who kept your message. It is just a unique concept of chatting with the people around different corners of the world. Download it and make friends!

So these were the "9 MUST HAVE ANDROID APPS"  which you must have in your smartphone in order to enjoy your OS completely. These APPS will let you experience the social and productivity APPS which Android offers us.
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