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Thursday, 7 December 2017


We all love to read interesting topics and posts online. These online posts are present in millions of numbers. Many people love to write these posts in the form of blogs, but not as a professional. They just love to share their experience of daily life to others. While many are there who write their blog posts to start it as a profession, and so they always try to find the way to earn money through blogs. But do you know there are almost millions of blogs are made every day and also millions of blog get deleted everyday. Millions of people want to earn money online, but fails in between because they do not have patience. There are billions of people in the world who are writing blog posts, so it takes much time to start earning through your blog. Those people who keep patience for 3-4 months, start earning handsome amount of money through blogging. In blogging, ADVERTISEMENT company provides you ads and let you earn money. Here comes the part of NATIONALITY. Consider yourself from a country where the value of US DOLLAR is very high, then you will earn too much with less traffic. I am considering US DOLLAR here because the earning provided by the Advertisement company are in US DOLLAR. Consider yourself from South Korea. At current rate of exchange, 1USD equals 1091.75 South Korean Won. So if the person from South Korea earns $10 to $20 per month, they will earn 10,917.50 to 21,835 South Korean Won, which is good for an individual. Now before earning money from your websites, you need to monetize it. There are many advertisement site which will let you earn money by selling your website spaces to them (or we can say publishing their ads on our websites). Before wasting too much time, lets get started!


There are many AD networks which provides us very good CPM, CPC rates. CPM means Cost Per 1000 impressions, which means that we will earn money for each 1000 impressions or views on the ads provided by the advertiser. CPC means Cost Per Click, which means we will earn money for each click on the ads provided by the advertiser. CPM rate will always be high than CPC rate. Let's have a glance at these networks.

i) GOOGLE ADSENSE: This name is the first name which comes to mind of each and every blogger when they think about MONETIZING their sites. Google Adsense provides very good CPC and CPM rates. It can go as high as $10 (CPM rates), depending on your location. If your traffic is from USA, Canada, UK, Australlia or any countries whose currency value is higher in the market, then it will benefit you and will increase your income. To earn through Google Adsense, you have to get your website approved. For approval, you have to write quality and unique content on your blog.


ii) EXPONENTIAL: This ad network provide you a high quality ads. By high quality ads, I mean to say that the ads which will be provided to you will be related to your blog niche (topic). This will let your reader to click or watch the ads, and thus you will earn money through it. This ad network is not like Google Adsense, it only provides you money by CPM method. You must have 500,000 unique page visitors per month to get approved by this network.

iii) ADOTIZE: It will monetize your video, display and mobile traffic with high CPM rates. You will get more profit from a picture perfect ad experience with them. You will get your earning through CPM only. They will provide you very high rates because they generally approve only those websites whose traffic are coming from USA, Canada, UK, Australlia or other countries likes this. 

iv) PROPELLER ADS: This is the best network after Google Adsense. I am saying so because they provide you many types of ads, such as Popup ads, Push up ads, Terresterial ads and Banner ads too.
There are no such conditions of having a certain number of page views. Just login and earn some good amount of money. They provide CPC and CPM rates to let us earn money. The reason why I placed it after Google Adsense is because Google Adsense provides ads which are related to the content and it also provides very good rates at the same time. So it is almost impossible for Propeller Ads to match Google algorithms of providing quality ads according to the content.

v) SISTERAD: Well first I want to make it clear that this advertising network is an adult advertising network. So if you want monetize your website, then you can. But you may lose you viewers or ranking because of  reporting of your website by many users. The only reason why I am mentioning this site here is because it provides very high rates per 1000 impressions. It will provide you upto $15 to $20 CPC. So think wisely before allowing this network ads to your site. Also you must have a custom domain in order to get verified by this network.

vi) EPOM: Like Google Adsense and Adotize, this ad network is also let us earn through CPC and CPM. Being an old trusted site, it has its own reputation. Its not very much easy to get approved for this site. After applying for it, you will receive an email from its customer support and in that you have to explain everythin about your site in very much detail. After you reply, they will check your site and match it with all your provided information, and if everything will be right then you will get approved by them. In easy way, it is more complex than Google Adsense. But once you get approved, you will earn very good amount of money and also you will observe that your traffic is getting boosted day by day.

vii) INFOLINKS: It is one of the best alternative of Google Adsense. It has very high rates and very unique ad units. They display their advertisement in their own unique style. You will also like the way they will publish the ads for you. They are currently the 6th largest ad network in the world. The main problem here is that you need a very huge amount of traffic to earn from Infolinks. Also you need to buy a domain name, because it will not approve sub-domain like or So first build your site then start earning from Infolinks.

So these are best Ads networks which I personally prefers to be the best. Although there are many networks which provides very good rates and not a scam too, but they are not user friendly (as I feel). So I personally don't like them. I have selected these best advertising networks so that it can let you earn more and more money. Those bloggers who monetize their blogs are probably want to make career in blogging and they must have to buy a domain name. So I have listed out all those ads network which can  help them.

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