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Saturday, 16 December 2017


INTERNET is the fastest growing network since last two decades. Since the introduction of the INTERNET and World Wide Web  went live to the world on 6th AUGUST, 1991, we have seen rapid change in the world. This big world is now seems like a one big apartment in which all the other different family members live. We are now a global family who can contact or connect with each other in no time. It takes less than a second to connect to anyone we like to talk through social media and other applications. Since the evolution of the INTERNET, many things related to INTERNET has changed a lot. I still remember those days when I had to wait for an hour just to download a 10 MB song and more than 5 hours to download 800 MB movie. Now we can download them in just a minute. These evolution had never been there if J.J. Thomson didn't discovered electrons in 1897. Yes! You heard it right. Without electron, it never had been possible to invent the INTERNET, or to transfer data at these higher speed. You might be thinking the need of introduction of an ELECTRON when we are discussing about the INTERNET. Let me show you how!


As I mentioned earlier that without its not possible to use the INTERNET services or to transfer data at very high speed. Now lets go the point. We all use INTERNET for browsing, to download songs, videos, movies, files, games and many more. For us, its too simple to download all these things in our mobile phones and enjoy them. Did you ever thought of the process which occurs in between? If yes, then no problem. If no, then let me clear it. When we download the files from the INTERNET and it gets saved in our flash storage which is present in our mobile phones. Now all these information get stored in the form of Binary codes (i.e. 0 or 1) and do you know that these Binary codes exists physically. Don't be shocked. I will make it clear.

Look, to store these BINARY CODES in the storage, ELECTRONS starts to flow. So, in this way we believe that BINARY CODES exists physically. Now, as stated above, to store BINARY CODES in the storage, the ELECTRONS starts to flow in the transistors of the storage and ELECTRONS have mass. So, in this way INTERNET must have have mass. I am sure that now you can understand how INTERNET DATA HAVE MASS! Now let us talk in details.

Suppose your mobile phone has 10 GB of storage, then after using all your device storage your mobile phone will gain 2.5 x 10^-18 gram, which is too small amount to measure. Till date, we are capable of measuring the mass up to 10^-9 grams. So, the mass of 10 GB of storage is too less for us. At present, there are 10 crore active servers on the INTERNET and they consume a total of  400 billion Watt energy to be active 24*7. According to the calculation done by the researchers, there are 1 TB of data available on the INTERNET in 2017 and it will continue to continue every 5 years.Also, the total mass of the INTERNET is 375 gram. GOOGLE claimed that, of all the 100 TB of data available on the INTERNET, they only have 0.004% of the total data. That's a mind blowing fact, but it's true. These are the calculated data of the servers only. The data which we download in our mobile phones in the form of applications, videos, songs aren't calculated yet.

Now I am going to tell some facts about the data:

I) 8 billion electrons flow to store email in our device if its size is 50 KB. Generally, emails are of 100 KB (my personal emails), so a total 16 billion electrons flow to store our emails.

II) World's smallest unit of data, Bit is made up of 12 atoms only.

III) GOOGLE, AMAZON, MICROSOFT & FACEBOOK store about 1.2 million TB between them. Or we can say 1200 Petabytes data.

IV) INTERNET weighs the same as 7 strawberry. It means that after every 5 years, INTERNET will gain its mass which is equal to 7 strawberry and after 18,571 years the mass of the INTERNET will be equal to the mass of the strawberry tree. Can't imagine the impact of these much mass on the INTERNET. Its too huge. How mobile phone will be operated then? How will mobile network companies and search engine like GOOGLE will work? These questions really push me in the deep thoughts!

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