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Tuesday, 5 December 2017


We all are the video games lover. Almost 60% - 70% are video games lovers. Many companies like GAMELOFT, NINTENDO, ELECTRONIC ARTS, UBISOFT, EPIC GAMES, ROCKSTAR GAMES and many more provides us excellent games to play in PCs or Gaming console. In fact, we all love their games so much that encourage them to design better games than the previous ones. These are not just games, they are emotions. Since two three weeks, the most asked questions between mobile phones gamers are "Will GTA 5 be available on Android, ios or Windows platform?"
"Will we be able to play GTA 5 on our smartphones?''... So the answer here is big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
We can not play these on our smartphones with our present hardware available on our smartphones. Lets get started!
gta V game


We all are enjoying playing GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas on our Android, ios and Windows smartphones. The very big reason here is that GTA 5 is not released for smartphones, so we can't expect to play this game on our smartphones. The reasons why we can not play GTA V on our smartphones are:

i) Till date, the best smartphones which any company manufactured have 256 GB of storage. Be it Apple Iphone X or SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 8 which have 256 GB of storage. Now GTA 5 alone is of whooping 60 GB, and after installing these games on our smartphones will also occupy too much storage for because of the data stored in the applications after playing games in the smartphones. This storage may exceed the limit of the smartphones and hence we will not be able to play these games completely.

ii) Processing power of our smartphones is too low. Although we consider Note 8 or Iphone X to be a beast in terms of smartphone usage, but it is nothing in front of PCs. The GPUs available in the current smartphones are way too slow than the integrated graphics in PCs. I think in the next 10-15 years, we will be able to get these hardware on our smartphones. The discrete graphics is way too powerful than the integrated graphics. We can only hope for the best hardware on our smartphones.

iii) Video games are pride for any game developers and so they will never compromise in any of the gaming sections. I am talking about these because GTA 5 may be available on smartphones by optimizing it. But after optimizing GTA 5, the graphics will not be as same as they will be on PCs.
The game will lose image sharpness, which in turn suffer the developers. The loss in reputation and money can't be bearable for them.

iv) Game engine is also one of the main components which is responsible for the games. Unlike previous game, GTA Vice City, GTA V was made on Rockstar Advanced Game engine which supports Windows(not mobile), PS3, PS4, XBOX 360, OSX, XBOX ONE. This game engine does not support IOS, Android or Windows (for mobile). GTA Vice City was built on Renderwave Game Engine which supports Android, IOS. 

v) The bandwidth, amount of RAM, GPU video memory are also the deciding factor in processing the games. As per the current hardware used in the smartphones, the bandwidth lies between 0.75 GBps to 1.50 GBps in the mid range smartphones and it extends upto 3.125 GBps. 3.125 GBps is a PC level bandwidth which not many smartphones can afford. But only bandwidth is not a deciding factor, there are many more components which should be there to run the game smoothly. High amount of RAM, processor, GPUs, CPUs, processing power and many more.

I have seen many Youtube videos where channels are talking about the GTA V games and that it is available on Android platform. So this is my humble request to all the video games lovers that please do not install that APK file through link which they are providing in their video's description. That file may be malicious and may affect your device performance. When GTA V will be available on smartphones OS, Rockstar Games will inform us about that. This game has to go through too much optimization which may be done by 2018 or 2019. Till now, our so called smartphones are not 'SMART' enough to handle these types of heavy games smoothly. Even the best hardware and software combination available on smartphone, which is IOS and Android (for Google PIXEL series), can't be able to run this game smoothly, then how can we expect the same from other mobile manufacturers!

Hope it helps!
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