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Sunday, 31 December 2017


Today is the last day of 2017, the year which showed us many revolutionaries technical products. Many tech giant launched their dream products, while many were busy in establishing themselves in the international market. Coming to flagship SMARTPHONES, we have seen many great products. This year started with the SAMSUNG S8, S8+ which completely changed the thinking about how the smartphone can be designed. With its almost zero bezels on the top and bottom, and a curved display which covers all the front face of the smartphone, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ looks stunning and one of the sexiest mobile phones of all time. But after a month, another smartphone giant launched their device, the ONE PLUS 5. This mobile was also named as the flagship killer smartphone because it provides all the flagships specs in the mid-range budget. Every thing about this smartphone is good but if we talk about its camera, it comes nowhere near to the flagships device of other companies.

In the August, we have witnessed what we had never witnessed before. SAMSUNG launched NOTE 8, the NOTE 8 brought revolution to the smartphone market. SAMSUNG took the productivity to a whole new level with NOTE 8. The main highlight about NOTE 8 is their stylus, S-pen. There are many companies there in the market which has stylus but no other stylus can match the level of S-pen.


When whole world were busy with Galaxy S8, S8+ and ONE PLUS 5, NOTE 8, LG launched their flagship mobile LG V30. Don't know what actually happened with LG V30, but LG didn't sold much unit of V30 as SAMSUNG, ONE PLUS, GOOGLE sold their flagship smartphone. 

Now, we arrived in the month when iPHONE completed its 10th Anniversary and they launched iPHONE X as a unique gift for their fans and customers. They decided to remove the TOUCH ID and the interesting fact is that they are the only one who introduced the Touch ID to the world. iPHONE X comes with the most powerful processor any smartphone ever had which also allows users to use AR and also supports 3D face ID recognition.

About a month later, GOOGLE launched their another flagship smartphone, PIXEL 2, PIXEL 2 XL. Just after a week of its launch, Pixel 2 scored the highest score for any camera ever by DXO Mark. Pixel 2 is a dream phone for any Android lover and will let the user to experience the best of Android. 

If we talk about the flagship smartphones, then how can we forget about the HUAWEI Mate 10. This smartphone from HUAWEI is one of the best valuable smartphones this year. With its f/1.6 wider aperture, it let us shoot some of the best low light shots. The dedicated AI chip is what makes it different from other smartphones. It works too good whether its for camera or for personal mobile assistant.

These all were the top flagships smartphones of the year. There are too many smartphones launched this year, so I am going to list the "BEST SMARTPHONES OF 2017".

                   BEST SMARTPHONES OF 2017!

We will start the last by considering the minimum budget of INR 7,000 because smartphones having value of less than INR 7,000 can't be good for daily use. So, here is the list!

i) REDMI 5A- This year should be named as "Mi" year. Mi became the most selling brand in India by defeating a tech giant SAMSUNG. Coming to the smartphone, REDMI 5A is the best smartphone in the budget range of INR 7,000 to INR 8,000. REDMI 5A costs INR 7,000 for its 2 GB RAM variant with 16 GB internal storage and INR 8,000 for its 3 GB RAM variant with 32 GB internal storage. It provides the low budget customer a great value. The only demerit which this phone has is its camera. You will not get that great in this budget which you will get in SAMSUNG or MOTOROLA.

You can buy this by clicking here:

ii) HUAWEI HONOR 6X- This smartphone under INR 10,000 is the best for this value. It comes with its own Hi Silicon Kirin 655 processor which is better than Mediatek but not better than Snapdragon. It comes with dual camera with 12 MP and 2 MP lens having aperture ranges between f/0.95 to f/16. Everyone might be thinking about the Redmi Note 4. Redmi Note 4 is a good smartphone but Honor 6X is best as compared to Redmi Note 4. We all are familiar about Mi's camera, which nowhere near to the camera offered by Huawei.BEST SMARTPHONES OF 2017

You can buy Honor 6X here:

iii) MOTO G5 PLUS- First, I would like to say "Take a bow, Moto!". This smartphone is lit because of its specs and low price. It is powered by Snapdragon 625 processor and available in two variant, 32 GB internal memory with 3 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory with 4 GB RAM. Also, its camera is of top class. Moto did an excellent job in their camera. This smartphone can shoot 4K video at 30fps and 720p at 60 fps. We will get Android 7.0 out of the box and also it will get Oreo update soon. Its competitor LG Q6 is too behind in these specs and also it is not sure whether LG Q6 will get Oreo update or not. The main reason for not to include LG Q6 in the list because of its UI, which is LG UI 5.0. This UI lags more than the Samsung UI because Samsung made their UI too light and they consume less RAM now. You won't get any other device in $360 with these specs.

You can buy MOTO G5 PLUS here:

iv) SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 PRO- Here comes the ruler. The undisputed king of the mid range phones. With its best camera available in the mid range smartphone, this phone is a must buy phone. It has AMOLED SCREEN, which provide a high definition images and infinite contrast ratio. It is powered by Exynos 7870 chipset which is clocking at a rate of 1.6 GHz. Coming to its camera, it has bigger aperture than iPhones too which will let us to shoot a good low-light images. It is one of the best smartphones to buy if your budget is $370.

You can buy GALAXY J7 PRO here:

v) ONE PLUS 5/ONE PLUS 5T- Want to experience flagship mobile phones in low price? Go and get this amazing smartphone. Both ONE PLUS 5/ONE PLUS 5T are the flagship killers in almost half of the prices of flagship smartphones. Here, both devices are mentioned because both the devices comes in same price and with almost same specifications. They both are available in two variant, 6 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage and 8 GB RAM with 128 GB internal storage. Both have same clocking rate of 2.45 GHz with same Snapdragon 835 processor. Both have same battery capacity of 3,300 mAh. The only difference here is the screen size, ONE PLUS 5 has 5.5" screen whereas ONE PLUS 5T has 6" screen which drains the battery more quickly than ONE PLUS 5(as observed in battery test). It provides a great price value in $520. However, ONE PLUS 5 has been discontinued by the company after the launch of ONE PLUS 5T.

You can buy ONE PLUS 5T  here:
OnePlus 5T (Midnight Black 6GB RAM + 64GB memory)

vi) Mi Mix 2- This bezel less beauty is worth every single penny spent on it for its design. Just by looking on it, you will forget about every cons. this smartphone has in it. It is also a very powerful smartphone and can give a tough fight to all the flagship devices. It is powered by snapdragon 835 and is available in 6 GB and 8 GB RAM variant. Its display comes with corning gorilla 4 protection which is one of  the best protection available in the smartphone right now. Coming to its camera, it has 12 MP camera with f/2.0 aperture, which can be said good in this much price and also dual camera is absent. It has 5 MP with f/2.0 aperture front facing camera which can't be considered as good camera. But, if you see its Benchmark score, it scored too much in that, so there will no complain when we use them. Mi Mix 2 is a good mobile phone in $505.

You can buy Mi Mix 2 here:

I will not mention any flagship device here because every flagship smartphone powered with too good and powerful hardware. Flagship devices are always the best, they are powerful, high-end products, have premium built. We will never find any lag in those smartphones. They are made to make company proud.

But, if you will ask me to recommend one! I will go with SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8, because of the features it offer to the users and mainly its design which is out of the world. The dual camera in Note 8 is too great to click portrait photos and also with f/1.7 aperture it enable us to shoot great shots in low light or bright light.

Now, if you want to experience true Android, then you should go for Pixel 2. The main highlight of Pixel 2 is its camera, which is the only camera to defeat the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 camera.

The same is for the iOS fans, who want to use iOS everytime can opt for the iPHONE X. Though iPHONE X does not provide the value for money but if you are a APPLE fan then you will love it for sure.



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