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Tuesday, 26 December 2017


On 1st April 1976, the APPLE Inc. was founded by legendary Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne with the motto to change the perception of the people towards the technology. They created APPLE I and sold that computers as kits. For almost 4 decades, APPLE had given their customers a very outstanding user experience. We have witnessed many brilliant products by APPLE which are worth every single penny we spent on them. Who can forget the day when first iPOD was launched on 23rd October 2001, the day when Steve Jobs thrown the iPOD into the water and said "Bubbles are still floating in the water, which means that we can make this iPOD more smaller than now". That statement still gives us goosebumps and give us the reflection of the thought of Steve Jobs.
APPLE ipod


6years later after they launched iPOD, they planned something big. Recently, I'd watched the first iPHONE launch event. The way Steve Jobs created suspense by saying "iPOD, a phone and an internet communicator" again and again and later on he said that these are not three different device and then introduced the iPHONE.

Now after launching their iPHONE, they made their every effort to make iPHONE a phone which can be accepted by each people. This effort of APPLE made people go crazy for iPHONE which we can see now a days too. APPLE reached at its peak in the era of Steve Jobs and continues to maintain it till now because of their effort. 
Apple iphone


After Steve Jobs die (5th October 2011), APPLE also stopped to bring out the best of them. If we leave the products from 2012, 2013; APPLE did no innovations with their products. I think Tim Cook decided to follow the footsteps of Steve Jobs but instead of following the footsteps, he copied him. 

iPHONE 7 plus has dual rear camera, which came in Android in 2014 and what APPLE did is that they only made it more better camera than what we had on Android that time.

We can also take the example of iPHONE X which has fast charging. The fast charging, which was launched by SAMSUNG quite years ago. Also, we can't forget the wireless charging technology which is also available in the Android for some years.


Now if we look into the issues which every iPHONE users are facing since one year is the bugs and battery drain problems. Few days ago, APPLE claimed that they are making their older iPHONES to absorb battery too quickly by software updates, so that their users can purchase new iPHONES.Apple ios


i) Wi-Fi ISSUE- With the new iOS update (iOS 11.1.2), iOS users are having problem in connecting with the Wi-Fi networks. Users had reported this problem just after the release of iOS 11 and it was expected to be fixed in the new update by APPLE but they didn't looked after it. You can get the solution to fix the issue by clicking on "Wi-Fi Issue".

ii) RAM Management- Being on the top for almost 10 years, it was expected that iOS 11 will be the best update for iPHONE but it didn't stood on our expectation. iOS was known for its excellent optimization for applications and outstanding RAM management. Just after the iOS 11 was released for iPHONES, all the users went crazy and updated their older iOS to the new ones. It was the speed test which showed the true colors of iOS 11. But as iPHONE X was still to come, many expected that this problem will not arise in the iPHONE X, and yet again another APPLE product didn't stood on our expectation. It's still not fixed and iOS 11 users have to face problems in switching between the apps. 

iii) CRASHING APPS- Right from the beginning of iOS, not a single time we have noticed that a particular application is crashing, but it happened on iOS 11. I was shocked when I saw that for the first time. Earlier we used to have this problem on the Android but now it happens with iOS. 
Apple iphone

iv) OVER HEATING- With the best hardware software combination, iPHONEs are made to work excellently with their one of the most powerful chip set. But with iOS 11, iPHONEs are heating up too quickly. The new OS update is unable to provide users a great experience while playing games because mobile devices are getting heated up too quickly. It will surely harm your device.

v) WRONG ANSWER- Yes! Wrong answer... I think this is for the first time that any device calculator had showed the wrong answer while asking for the solution. The simple calculation which even $30 mobile phone could have done is getting wrong on the iPHONE. This issue has not been experienced by many users yet.

It's really a serious concern for the APPLE to get their trust and respect back. Tim Cook has to look after all these problems to bring iOS back on the track. If APPLE will not take these problems serious, there will be another Blackberry in the mobile phone market. Is APPLE is forgetting their motto or did APPLE's innovations died with Steve Jobs? These need to be answered!
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